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Lyndi Kennedy on Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Net worth, boyfriend, job and more details about guest who crushed on Adam Glick

Lyndi Kennedy is a fashion blogger who flirted with Adam on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.
Lyndi Kennedy had the hots for Adam despite being on the boat with her boyfriend. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans want to know more about Lyndi Kennedy, the charter guest who crushed on Adam Glick and turned down boyfriend Jesse Thompkins’ marriage proposal.

Lyndi certainly made waves during her time on Parsifal III, but things are not always as they seem on TV. While she did flirt with Adam, Lyndi insists she was not really with Jesse during the charter.

She wanted nothing to do with him from the second they landed in Greece. They had already been committed to doing the Bravo yachting show, though. Lyndi made the best of it by focusing her attention on her friends and Adam.

Lyndi Kennedy net worth and job

Those who caught Lyndi on Below Deck Sailing Yacht know Lyndi is a fashion blogger and social media influencer. According to some guesstimates online, Lyndi’s net worth is around $200,000.

The majority of her money comes from her work in the fashion industry, including a job as a wardrobe consultant. She runs a website called Lyndi in the City, but the area doesn’t offer much information on her. Lyndi’s bio section describes her as a mother of three who was born and raised in California.

Lyndi’s new boyfriend

Below Deck Sailing Yacht was filmed last summer, and according to Lyndi’s Instagram, she has a new boyfriend in her life.

As for Jesse?

He is old news, which should come as no surprise based on the way the two acted on the show.

Lyndi’s new boyfriend is named Brian. His Instagram bio describes Brian as a “The Lord of Beauty.” Brian refers to himself as self-made and self-paid. He appears to be a model and influencer, too.

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The couple watched Lyndi’s appearance on the Bravo yachting show and even discussed it on social media. Despite speculation that they have become engaged, Lyndi said they are not. A picture of Brian down on one knee was a joke for family and friends.

Lyndi was married to baseball player Adam Kennedy

Part of Lyndi’s net worth comes from her divorce from former Anaheim Angels baseball player turned real estate man Adam Kennedy. The couple has three sons.

Their divorce, like their marriage, has been kept remarkably private. Neither Adam nor Lyndi talks about their past together. However, each proudly shows off pictures of their beautiful sons.

Lyndi Kennedy made quite an impression on Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans. She flirted with chef Adam Glick and turned down an impromptu beach marriage proposal.

Chief Engineer Byron Hissey was quite impressed with the fact that Lyndi was an influencer who made money simply by taking pictures.

What did you think of Lyndi and her group of charter guests?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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