LPBW Spoilers: Zach Roloff ‘unearths a piece of history’ for the grandkids to enjoy on the farm

Zach Roloff of LPBW
Zach Roloff brought a childhood memory back to life for the grandkids on the farm. Pic credit: TLC

On this week’s episode of Little People, Big World, Zach Roloff tore down the old and brought in the new when he refurbished a campsite on the farm.

Zach wanted to make more play areas on the farm for his and Tori’s kids, along with the rest of the Roloff grandchildren.

The scene played out before Zach and Tori, who just celebrated six years of marriage, discovered that they lost their third pregnancy at eight weeks gestation, during a routine ultrasound.

Zach Roloff started a forest project

Still excited about Tori’s pregnancy at the time, Zach told cameras, “My family’s growing fast and we’re really excited about the baby coming and everything, so I’m gonna get started on the forest project.”

Zach arrived in the forest at Roloff Farms and explained that he and his family used to camp at the particular spot. Zach wanted to clean up the area so they could reuse it as a campsite.

“When it’s done, I’m just hoping that it looks nice and it’s playable for Jackson and Lilah and all the cousins,” Zach told cameras during his confessional.

Zach Roloff unearths family history on Roloff Farms

While Zach was digging in the ground with a shovel, he hit a large rock. He revealed that the rock remained from when he and his family used to use the spot for campfires.

“I can’t believe I found the original rocks where the campfire, where my parents set up,” Zach said during his solo interview. He continued, “Thirty years ago when we were kids, this is where my dad and my mom did their little campout area when they first bought the place.”

Digging up the land where Zach once camped with his parents and siblings as a child got him feeling nostalgic. He said, “I’ve totally felt like I was unearthing a piece of history. You know, the site hasn’t been touched in who-knows-how-many years.”

Zach noted that the family stopped camping in that particular spot because he and his siblings outgrew it, but it still holds sentimental value for him.

“Yeah, the earliest memories I just remember that was the spot, like, that’s where we camped. That’s where Jeremy and me built our, like, forts. I just remember cooking marshmallows, just sitting around the fire,” Zach reminisced.

the roloffs camping in 1991 on tlc
The Roloffs camping at the original campsite, circa 1991. Pic credit: TLC

The area was overgrown with hickory and poison oak, so Zach brought in a tractor with a rake attached to get the job done, and to make for a safe place for the Roloffs’ next generation of kids to play.

Zach recalled watching his dad, Matt Roloff, drive the tractor when he was young. Now, Zach using the tractor meant he had come “full circle.”

LPBW star Zach Roloff showed off his hard work to Tori, Jackson and Lilah

After Zach got the campsite cleaned up and cleared out, he brought his wife, Tori, and their kids, Jackson and Lilah, back to check it out.

Zach, who’s “not in a rush” to move onto the farm, noted that there are countless places to camp on the farm, with over 100 acres. However, that particular spot held some of Zach’s earliest childhood memories.

Zach was proud to show off the fruits of his labor to Tori and the kids, who appreciated his hard work. Zach pointed out the spot where he planned to come back with a tent to camp out.

“Jackson, do you want to camp out here with Dada,” Zach asked Jackson, who answered “Yes,” and was excited to join his dad.

But when Zach brought up camping with the girls, Tori and Lilah, Jackson adorably shook his head “no.”

Tori joked when she told cameras, “Zach’s gonna get all like, ‘Zach and Jackson’s forest. Do not enter! No girls allowed!”

Zach played along and told Tori, “100 percent.”

Fans can catch the rest of tonight’s episode on TLC or Discovery Plus at 9/8c.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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