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LPBW: Jackson Roloff got a new pet and fans are begging him to return it

Zach and Jackson Roloff of LPBW
Zach Roloff shared pics of Jackson’s new pet, but his fans are begging him to send it back to where they got it. Pic credit: TLC

Zach Roloff is catching some flak from Little People, Big World fans for sharing a pic of his son Jackson’s newest pet and they’re demanding that he take it back.

Over the weekend, Zach shared two pics of his kids, Jackson and Lilah, along with the newest addition to their family, a frog.

In the first pic, Jackson looked into a see-through critter tote with an open smile, while a frog and a dead cricket sat on top of a rock amongst some grass.

The second pic showed Lilah Roloff, Zach and Tori’s youngest child, sitting next to her big brother, Jackson, on the backyard deck. The critter tote sat between them as they both smiled big for the camera.

Zach revealed the amphibian’s name to his 960k followers. “Jackson got a new friend today. We caught it at the swamp at the farm. His name is Jet,” the TLC star wrote.

Zach’s followers weren’t happy about caging a wild frog

Zach’s followers immediately took to the comment section to voice their dismay over the frog being confined to a box, begging Zach and Tori to release the frog back into its natural habitat.

“Put it back where it came from,” one of Zach’s followers told him.

Another fan shared a similar sentiment, “Ugh. Please put it back.”

“Awww be [sic] belongs in the swamp, not caged up…” was another fan’s response to Jackson’s new pet frog.

Zach Roloff of LPBW on Instagram
Zach’s fans asked him to put the frog back in the wild. Pic credit: @zroloff07/Instagram

One of Zach’s followers was supportive of Jackson’s new pet, Jet

There was one fan, however, who thought people were being too tough on Jackson and should just let him enjoy his new pet.

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“If a person goes to a pet store and buys a pet frog, it’s okay but when a person catches a frog, they are judged on putting it back. Hmm, Zach and Tori just can’t win ?. Congratulations on your new little pet,” they commented.

Zach Roloff of LPBW on Instagram
Zach Roloff’s fans weren’t happy about Jackson keeping a frog in a tote. Pic credit: @zroloff07/Instagram

One fan hoped that Jackson’s pet was just a temporary one and that they’d return the frog back to nature.

“[I] hope you taught them the frogs belong to mother nature❤️,” they commented.

Another of Zach’s followers thought they could use the frog’s capture as a way to enlighten Jackson. “Teach him the ultimate respect for wildlife, and return it outside!”

Zach has a lot to consider this season on LPBW

Zach, who recently put his hat in the ring to buy out his mom’s portion of the farm, said that he would be “Mom 2.0” if he took over his mom’s role at the farm.

The 31-year-old dad of two tends to be more careful with his decision making, which often clashes with his dad’s style, which is more lenient and spur-of-the-moment.

He and his wife Tori recently went through the process of having Jackson’s legs examined for their increased bowing. They learned that Jackson would eventually need surgery on his legs, though it isn’t urgent.

The LPBW star promised his fans that there’s still plenty more entertainment coming this season. He said there will still be “a little bit of drama, a lot of fun, ups and downs, especially in our world.”

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC.

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