LPBW fans wonder why Matt’s girlfriend Caryn is so ‘sassy’ and badmouths Amy

Caryn Chandler and Amy Roloff of LPBW
LPBW fans are questioning Caryn Chandler’s “sassy” attitude and wondering why she badmouths Amy. Pic credit: TLC

Fans of Little People, Big World are often commenting on star Caryn Chandler’s “sassy” attitude, especially towards her boyfriend’s ex, Amy Roloff, and wonder why she badmouths her.

Amy and Caryn haven’t had much of an amicable relationship ever since Amy and Matt’s divorce. The animosity started even before that when Caryn was Matt’s assistant on Roloff Farms.

Amy came out with some shocking information in her autobiography, A Little Me, about an emotional affair between Matt and Caryn while she was still married and while Caryn was working as Matt’s assistant.

The 56-year-old mom of four revealed that Matt was frequenting a local tavern after working on the farm, much more often than usual, and wrote in her book, “Then it dawned on me. Matt and our farm manager, who had been working for us a number of years by then, seemed to have more than just a working relationship or friendship.”

“I saw messages, pictures, and other things that should not have been shared between people who just worked together and were still married to other people. I was devastated,” Amy revealed.

On the show, Caryn and Amy spend as little time as necessary near each other, and often throw jabs at each other.

Caryn Chandler of LPBW on Reddit
A Reddit user posed questions about Caryn’s attitude. Pic credit: u/Kodys5thWife/Reddit

The tension between Amy and her ex’s girlfriend had Reddit users asking what Caryn’s beef is

“She always makes snide remarks about Amy,” one Reddit user wrote on a post titled “What is Caryn’s beef?.”

“What is her beef with Amy? Because Amy was married to Matt? Because AMY is the parent of his kids? How does Amy owning the north side of the property impact Caryn?” the user continued to ask.

Other Reddit users and fans of the show weighed in

“She’s always been a sasshole. She was sassy with Amy when she was a ‘manager’. She would talk down on Amy’s ideas and run around with her clip board like she was the one calling the shots. Her complex reminds me of a small dog, always barking at the bigger dogs thinking she’s the same size,” voiced one Reddit user on the post.

Caryn Chandler of LPBW on Reddit
LPBW fans weren’t fond of Caryn’s attitude towards Amy. Pic credit: u/Kodys5thWife/Reddit

One fan of the show thought Caryn and Matt were getting physical before his divorce from Amy was finalized.

“That’s because she knew she was banging Amy’s husband behind her back,” the user theorized.

Caryn Chandler of LPBW on Reddit
Some fans felt like Caryn has gotten increasingly more vocal on camera, and has always had an attitude. Pic credit: u/Kodys5thWife/Reddit

Another LPBW fan commented that Caryn has become more outspoken on the show in recent years: “I feel like she’s always had an attitude and as more time passes she feels increasingly entitled to voice her opinions that weren’t previously aired on camera. She’s always rubbed me the wrong way.”

Fans seem to be split down the middle when it comes to who they support after the divorce

Many fans of the show have showed similar distaste towards Amy’s attitude, calling her “bitter” towards Matt since the divorce and have suggested she let go of her past and not be so “defensive” when it comes to Matt and Caryn.

Caryn, who recently asked a judge to postpone her son’s trial so she could vacation with Matt in Arizona, was totally on board with Matt’s offer for Amy and Chris to get married on the farm, although Amy was against the idea initially.

Reportedly, Amy had a change of heart and will be getting married on the farm after all. Fans of the long-running series will have to watch and see if that comes true, and catch all of the rest of the Roloff’s drama coming this season.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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