LPBW fans think Tori Roloff took son Jackson to Disneyland for herself because she’s ‘obsessed’

Tori Roloff of LPBW
LPBW fans think Tori Roloff took a trip to Disneyland with Jackson more for herself than him. Pic credit: TLC

Tori Roloff set off some fans of Little People, Big World when she took her son, Jackson, to Disneyland.

Last week, Tori shared that she and Jackson, 4, took a trip to California to visit Disneyland, while her husband, Zach Roloff, and their daughter, Lilah, stayed back home in Oregon.

Tori and Jackson were in Disneyland for two days together, and Tori noted that Lilah was “still just a little young to truly enjoy” the park.

When Tori arrived home from her trip with Jackson, she shared some pics of Lilah, sporting some Disney attire.

Decked out in a pink Disneyland sweatshirt with a picture of Mickey Mouse, black shorts and white sandals, Lilah posed for the cameras and showed off her new outfit as well as her newest “party trick” — standing up independently.

Tori captioned her pic of Lilah, telling her followers, “We may not have taken her with us, but man did we tourist her out! Also!!!! Came home to this [girl’s] new party trick!! Standing!!”

Little People, Big World fans thought Tori took Jackson to Disneyland for her own enjoyment

One fan of Little People, Big World shared the pic on a Reddit thread and opened a discussion with other LPBW fans about why Tori didn’t bring Lilah on the trip.

Tori Roloff of LPBW on Reddit
LPBW fans discussed Tori taking Jackson solo to Disneyland. Pic credit: u/Pumpkin-Adept/Reddit

The post read, “I’m surprised they didn’t take her. I think they took Jackson when he was about the same age.”

Other fans of LPBW spoke up and some of them thought Tori only took Jackson to Disneyland because she wanted to go for her own enjoyment.

Tori Roloff of LPBW on Reddit
LPBW fans think Tori took Jackson to Disneyland for her own enjoyment. Pic credit: u/Pumpkin-Adept/Reddit

“The only reason they go to Disney is because she’s obsessed with it. Has nothing to do with the kids enjoying it and wanting to go…” wrote another fan of LPBW.

Another fan of LPBW felt as though Tori’s trips to Disneyland with Jackson were for her own pleasure rather than his.

They commented, “Let’s be real, the trips with baby Jackson were more for Tori than for his amusement. Now that he’s old enough to enjoy the rides himself, I understand not bringing baby [sic] Lilah or Zach.”

Is Tori ‘obsessed’ with all things Disney?

Another Reddit user commented about Tori, “Disney obsessed adults scare me,” and another user agreed and said, “I agree. I don’t get it[.]”

Tori Roloff of LPBW on Reddit
Some LPBW fans are “scared” of Tori’s “obsession” with Disney. Pic credit: u/Pumpkin-Adept/Reddit

Fans of Tori’s know that she doesn’t hide the fact that she’s an avid Disney fan. Tori recently offered her expertise on Disneyland during a fan Q&A on Instagram. In fact, Tori loves Disneyland so much that she calls it “home.”

Some LPBW critics slammed Tori for referring to Jackson’s behavior during their trip as “obedient.” Tori was gushing over how well Jackson behaved on their trip, but her haters didn’t feel that describing her son as “obedient” was the right word to use.

Now that Lilah is standing independently and just took her first steps, it won’t be too long before Lilah will be joining her big brother, Jackson, for family trips to Disneyland.

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