LPBW fans slam Tori Roloff for her comment about Jackson being ‘obedient’

Tori and Jackson Roloff of LPBW
LPBW criitics called out Tori Roloff for using the term “obedient” to describe her son Jackson’s behavior at Disneyland. Pic credit: TLC

Tori Roloff of Little People, Big World has come under fire by viewers of the show for using the word “obedient” to describe her son, Jackson.

Tori and Jackson recently took a trip, with just the two of them, to Disneyland for a two-day adventure.

Tori’s husband, Zach Roloff, stayed at home in Oregon with their daughter, Lilah, and held down the fort while Tori and Jackson enjoyed California.

Tori was sure to share plenty of pics and videos from her and Jackson’s trip and shared a post on Instagram commemorating the getaway.

Tori referred to Jackson as ‘obedient’

While reminiscing about their adventure, Tori wrote about Jackson’s behavior on their trip and said, “It blows me away how obedient, curious, funny, and confident this kid is.”

Little People, Big World fans thought that choosing the word “obedient” wasn’t the best word Tori could have used to describe her son’s behavior.

One LPBW critic created a thread on Reddit titled, “Jackson’s Best Trait – obedience” and shared a pic of Jackson from Tori’s Instagram post.

Tori and Jackson Roloff of LPBW on Reddit
One fan of LPBW created a Reddit thread called, “Jackson’s Best Trait – obedience.” Pic credit: u/Professional-Cow-130/Reddit

Other critics commented on how they felt about Jackson’s number one trait being listed as “obedient” by his mom, Tori.

LPBW fans were divided when it came to using the word ‘obedient’

One LPBW fan pointed out that Tori once worked as a teacher, and thinks Jackson’s good behavior can be attributed to his upbringing.

“She’s a teacher at heart so I think his overall good behavior is a result of her approach to him and Zach following her lead. I’ve noticed that especially on the most recent episodes the way she talks to him is awesome, kind, and like she truly cares and listens. Kids respond to being treated with respect by giving respect,” said the Reddit user.

Another fan of the show thought that Jackson’s “well rehearsed” behavior may be a disadvantage as he navigates the real world. They commented, “He frequently appears to be well ‘rehearsed’ Hopefully, he’ll gain the necessary tools to become better prepared for the real world.”

Tori and Jackson Roloff of LPBW on Reddit
LPBW fans discussed Tori using the word “obedient” to describe Jackson. Pic credit: u/Professional-Cow-130/Reddit

Other haters didn’t think “obedient” was a great choice to use to describe Jackson’s behavior.

“‘Obedient’ is such an icky word,” said one critic.

Will Jackson’s ‘obedience’ put him at risk in the future?

One viewer worried that Jackson may be vulnerable to grooming, and reminded other Reddit users of Jackson’s uncle, Jacob, who was allegedly groomed and molested by a TLC executive producer.

Tori and Jackson Roloff of LPBW on Reddit
Not all LPBW fans felt “obedient” was the proper term to use to describe Jackson. Pic credit: u/Professional-Cow-130/Reddit

They commented, “Especially when you consider this is the same show where a crew member abused Jacob. Training children to be obedient can make them especially vulnerable to grooming. Jackson having a disability puts him further at risk, statistically.”

Jackson, who turned four this year, has been a fan favorite on LPBW, and whenever he’s around, he’s usually the center of attention.

The preschooler will eventually need surgery on his legs to correct the bowing. But for now, Jackson is making his parents proud and living his best life.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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MargaretAnn Rice
MargaretAnn Rice
2 years ago

Good grief, more of the picking apart each and every word …….. just loosen up and get the idea of what Tori was saying, it was all good and nothing wrong with using obedient. People need to get over being “offended” constantly.