LPBW fans think Tori Roloff skipped out on Audrey’s birthday bash because Audrey is pregnant

Audrey and Tori Roloff of LPBW
Tori missed Audrey’s 30th birthday celebration and LPBW fans think it was because seeing Audrey pregnant was too much to handle after her miscarriage. Pic credit: TLC

Little People, Big World alum Audrey Roloff celebrated her 30th birthday over the weekend, but Tori Roloff was absent and fans are saying it had to do with Audrey being pregnant.

On Friday night, Audrey invited friends and family to her country line dancing-themed birthday bash, complete with a makeshift dance floor and dance instructor.

In attendance were, of course, Audrey and her husband, Jeremy, as well as Jeremy’s mom, Amy Roloff, and Jeremy’s youngest brother, Jacob, and his wife, Isabel. Audrey is currently pregnant with her and Jeremy’s third child, due in November.

Visibly absent from the celebration were Tori and Zach Roloff. While Audrey celebrated turning 30 with her party crew, Tori stayed home as her and Zach’s daughter, Lilah, practiced walking independently.

Tori shared a video on her Instagram stories during the party, showing Lilah walking, which is a new skill for the one-year-old.

Tori Roloff missed her sister-in-law Audrey’s birthday party

One LPBW fan on Reddit noticed that Tori’s Instagram video coincided with Audrey’s party and created a post that read, “Doesn’t look like Tori and Lilah are headed to the party.”

The post included a screenshot from Tori’s Instagram story, showing her with her hands behind Lilah as she walked toward the camera, with a caption that read, “When bean sees something she wants…”

Tori Roloff of LPBW on Reddit
Tori was hanging out with Lilah during Audrey’s party. Pic credit: u/panv133/Reddit

Other fans of LPBW commented on the Reddit thread and several viewers hypothesized that Tori was absent from Audrey’s party because of Audrey’s pregnancy.

Tori announced earlier this year that she and husband Zach Roloff were expecting their third child, but discovered they lost the baby at their routine eight-week ultrasound.

Making her loss even harder, Tori had to relive the moment she told Zach’s family on TV that they were expecting their third baby. Tori called it the “hardest story” she’s ever told.

LPBW fans think Tori skipped because Audrey is pregnant

One LPBW fan commented on the thread and proposed that Tori missed out on Audrey’s celebration because it might have been too much to handle seeing Audrey pregnant after just suffering a pregnancy loss herself.

“Honestly, as a fellow loss mama…maybe it is just hard to go to a party and pretend everything is fine when your SIL [Audrey] is pregnant and Tori just had a loss, cut her some slack. Loss is hard and doesn’t go away when the bleeding stops,” commented one LPBW fan on the Reddit post.

Tori Roloff of LPBW on Reddit
LPBW fans think Tori would have struggled seeing Audrey pregnant. Pic credit: u/panv133/Reddit

Another fan of LPBW agreed with the comment and said that it is often “difficult emotionally” for women facing loss or infertility to be in the presence of women who are pregnant.

“I agree. When I was going through infertility, even seeing pregnant women was difficult for me emotionally. I’m sure Tori is happy for Audrey, but it still must sting a little bit,” their comment said.

Tori revealed that she and Zach are still actively trying to get pregnant again, and are “hopeful” to welcome a rainbow baby. For now, Tori and Zach are content with watching their kids, Jackson and Lilah, grow up and aren’t in a rush just yet to move onto the farm.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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