LPBW fans question why Matt Roloff started construction on his house one month before Amy’s wedding

Matt and Amy Roloff of LPBW
Matt Roloff began construction on his dream home one month ahead of Amy’s wedding on the farm and LPBW fans are asking why. Pic credit: TLC

Matt Roloff began construction on his dream home just one month ahead of his ex Amy Roloff’s wedding on the farm, prompting Little People, Big World fans to ask why.

Over the weekend, Matt shared that the foundation was laid for his future home and he had all four of his grandkids stamp their handprints and names in the concrete.

The next phase in Matt’s new home construction comes only one month ahead of his ex-wife Amy Roloff’s wedding on the farm, set for Saturday, August 28, 2021.

Amy was concerned Matt’s projects might interfere with her wedding

Amy had voiced concerns that Matt may have a project brewing during her wedding that might interfere with her big day.

Amy and her fiance, Chris, met up with Matt at the farm this season to talk about finalizing their plans to get married there, after mulling over the idea.

One of Amy’s concerns was Matt’s ongoing list of projects on the farm. Construction cause issues for the wedding, being an eyesore and causing equipment to be in the way.

Matt Roloff of LPBW on Instagram
Matt’s follower commented on his post about building his home ahead of Amy’s wedding. Pic credit: @mattroloff/Instagram

One of Matt’s followers even brought up the issue in a comment on his Instagram post where he showed off the home’s foundation. They told Matt, “Dang .. foundation in and it’s not even august 28th.”

Matt replied, “can u believe it? Lol. Wait until you [see] what happens next week[!]”

LPBW fans wonder why Matt began construction ahead of Amy’s wedding

Now, fans of LPBW are wondering why Matt began construction on his dream home so close to Amy’s upcoming wedding.

Matt Roloff of LPBW on Reddit
LPBW fans discussed Matt beginning construction on his home, one month before Amy’s wedding. Pic credit: u/RoughBrick0/Reddit

In a Reddit thread, an LPBW fan shared a screenshot of Matt’s video from his Instagram post. The pic showed Matt’s twin sons, Jeremy and Zach, helping with the grandkids’ handprints in the concrete.

LPBW fans commented on the thread, and several brought up the fact that Matt was beginning construction so close to Amy’s impending wedding date.

“I thought Matt wasn’t going to start construction until after Amy’s wedding at the farm? I guess I misunderstood the comment, or maybe them picking the farm was just a story line for the show that’s running out of content,” wrote one Reddit user of Matt’s construction.

Matt and Amy Roloff of LPBW on Reddit
LPBW fans discussed Matt starting construction so close to Amy’s wedding. Pic credit: u/RoughBrick0/Reddit

One LPBW fan felt that Matt started construction on his dream home a bit too soon and commented, “I think Matt should have waited until after Amy’s wedding to start building his new house on Roloff Farms.”

Another Reddit user replied and thought that a concrete slab foundation shouldn’t be a big deal, as far as Amy and Chris’s wedding is concerned.

“I thought so too, but I can see how concrete maybe wouldn’t be such a big deal. It’s just a short slab on the ground,” they commented.

Will Amy be okay that Matt began construction so close to her wedding day?

Although one LPBW viewer admitted they wouldn’t be bothered by the concrete slab, they thought Amy might be.

“Wouldn’t phase me.. Amy on the other hand may think differently,” their comment stated.

One commenter imagined that Amy complained about the construction at home, likely to her fiance, Chris.

“Oh God I can’t imagine the conversation that went down at Amy’s house about it, ” wrote the Reddit user.

Matt and Caryn won’t be attending Amy’s wedding

When it comes to the actual day of Amy and Chris’s wedding, Matt made it clear that he and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, don’t plan on being anywhere near the farm.

“We’re not gonna attend Amy’s wedding. We didn’t need to have that complication. We’re like, ‘Thank you very much for offering.’ Not that they did, but…” Matt said of not attending Amy and Chris’s wedding.

Caryn added, “We wish them all the best, but we don’t need to be there when they exchange their vows.”

As far as Amy is concerned, she never planned on inviting Matt and Caryn to her wedding and admitted that she and Matt aren’t even close to having a relationship where she would want him there.

When Amy was asked whether Matt and Caryn were invited to her wedding, she simply replied, “No, they are not.”

Amy added, “Well, I mean, it’s like — no. Too much history, it’s, it’s… no. Nowhere near that kind of relationship that I would want my ex at my wedding… with his girlfriend. With his longtime girlfriend.”

It was reported earlier this year that Matt and Caryn were still waiting on invitations to the wedding. A source said, “Caryn is not a fan of Amy and doesn’t want to go, but she’d support Matt, and all of the children and grandchildren will be there.”

But it’s apparent that Matt and Caryn are just fine spending time in Arizona during the nuptials, and viewers would agree that Amy would want it that way, too.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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