LPBW Spoilers: Matt and Caryn aren’t attending Amy’s wedding, ‘Don’t need to have that complication’

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff of LPBW
Matt Roloff said he and Caryn won’t be attending Amy and Chris’s wedding. Pic credit: TLC

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler of Little People, Big World won’t be attending Amy and Chris’s wedding, calling it a “complication” they don’t need to have.

Amy and Chris paid Matt a visit at the farm after finally deciding that they wanted to get married at Roloff Farms, after having trouble securing another venue.

Amy and Chris’s meeting with Matt at the farm went well

Amy wanted to make sure Matt understood that she and Chris were serious about marrying on the farm and that the venue would be available for their wedding date of Saturday, August 28, 2021.

Things went well between the trio, and Matt even said that Amy’s decision to get married on the farm was a “good message to the family” about their commitment to the health of their family and the farm.

Caryn stopped by Matt’s house after he asked her to bring a copy of the wedding contract for Amy and Chris’s upcoming nuptials.

Matt thought Amy getting married on the farm was a great idea

Matt explained to Caryn that Amy and Chris met with him earlier and they finalized plans for a Roloff Farms wedding.

“So, Chris and Amy came in and said, ‘If it’s still okay, we’d like to, you know, go ahead and have our, confirm our wedding here at the farm.’ I said, ‘great,'” Matt explained to Caryn.

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler of LPBW on TLC
Matt and Caryn discussed Amy and Chris’s wedding on the farm. Pic credit: TLC

Caryn thought Amy getting married on the farm was ‘awesome’

Caryn agreed that it would be a good idea and told Matt, “I think it’s awesome. It’s a beautiful location, kind of has a lot of meaning to her still. You know, she raised her kids here, so what a perfect spot.”

During her interview portion with Matt, Caryn told the cameras, “If my ex-husband owned a beautiful farm, and I was getting remarried, I would hope that I would want to go there and do it and not think it was weird, if we were on good terms. But, you know, everybody is different.”

Matt added, “The key is gonna be me staying out of their business,” as Caryn pointed at Matt and told cameras, “There you go.”

Caryn added, “And I’ll help with that,” as Matt laughed.

Matt confirmed that he and Caryn won’t be attending Amy and Chris’s wedding

“I’m gonna just get the traditional wedding barn, wedding area ready for them, and looking as nice as possible. But then on the day of that thing, I’m hoping we’re in Arizona,” Matt revealed to Caryn.

Back in their interview, Matt revealed, “We’re not gonna attend Amy’s wedding. We didn’t need to have that complication. We’re like, ‘Thank you very much for offering.’ Not that they did, but…”

Roloff Farms on LPBW on TLC
A view of the farm from Matt’s double-wide. Pic credit: TLC

It was reported earlier this year that Matt and Caryn had not yet received invitations to Amy and Chris’s wedding. A source close to the family revealed that Matt and Caryn were expecting an invitation, but Matt shut down that rumor.

Caryn added, “We wish them all the best, but we don’t need to be there when they exchange their vows.”

Matt continued, “Get the place ready, but then we can kinda get out of the way.”

Matt made sure to have all projects cleared before Amy’s wedding

Back outside on Matt’s deck, he explained to Caryn that he wanted to have any projects out of the way. LPBW fans know that Matt always has at least several projects happening at any given time, on the farm.

One of Matt’s latest projects is the beginning process of building his dream home. He made sure that no major construction would be taking place during Amy’s wedding, but he did begin the building process by finalizing the layout for his future home.

Amy had concerns that Matt might “ruin” her and Chris’s wedding if she had it on the farm, but she wasn’t the only one concerned. Amy’s longtime friend, Lisa, expressed this season, “Every event I’ve worked on there, Matt’s always had to have something going on there that is different than what we had planned.”

Lisa added, “I don’t think he’s going to intentionally try to ruin anything, but then again, we don’t know.”

Fans of LPBW are hoping that Amy and Chris’s wedding will be televised, and according to Zach and Tori Roloff, there’s a good chance it will be.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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