LPBW: Matt Roloff’s grandkids time stamp the foundation to his dream home

Matt Roloff of LPBW
Matt Roloff invited his grandkids to time stamp the foundation on his new dream home. Pic credit: TLC

Little People, Big World patriarch Matt Roloff announced that the foundation for his dream home has been laid and all four of his grandkids were there to time stamp it.

This spring, Matt told his followers that he was ready to start building his dream home after waiting nine months for his lumber equipment to arrive.

In June, Matt announced that he was working on the layout for his dream home, telling his followers, “Figuring out the exact layout of my new house! Not as easy as you might think… have one shot at exact positioning and layout. But [I’m] ready !”

Matt finally laid the foundation for his dream home

Over the weekend, Matt shared a post on Instagram with some pics and video of his latest project.

“Exciting times @rolofffarms building grandpas latest project. All the grandkids showed up today #jackson #ember #lilah #bode to time stamp the foundation with their precious hand prints. Love these youngins’ to the moon and back. ….maybe even more den dat!” Matt told his 702k followers.

Matt added in his comments, “BTW. Thanks Greg and the entire concrete crew for letting my crew come in and draw on your perfect trowel job. ?”

In one of Matt’s pics, he posed with his longtime companion, his dog Lucy, along with grandson Jackson and granddaughter, Ember, as the group sat in one of Matt’s Kawasaki Mules.

All four of Matt’s grandkids stamped their handprints and names in the concrete

The second slide was a video, showing Matt’s twin sons, Jeremy and Zach, standing by to help with the grandkids’ handprints and names, along with the date, written in the concrete of the foundation.

Matt, sporting a black leather cowboy hat, stood next to Jackson in the next video as the two overlooked the concrete slab, as Jackson’s sister, Lilah, could be heard crying in the background.

Matt Roloff of LPBW on Instagram
One of Matt’s followers pointed out how close Amy’s wedding date is. Pic credit: @mattroloff/Instagram

Matt posed with Jackson and Ember in one last pic. The trio smiled big for the camera, again seated in the Mule.

One of Matt’s followers wrote a comment that read, “Dang .. foundation in and it’s not even august 28th. ?”

Matt’s reply read, “can u believe it? Lol. Wait until you se what happens next week[.]”

Will Matt’s construction interfere with Amy’s wedding?

Most likely, Matt’s fan was referencing the fact that his ex-wife, Amy Roloff, will be using Roloff Farms on August 28 to get married to her fiance, Chris Marek.

Amy was concerned that Matt might have some type of project going on during her wedding that might disturb her big day. Matt is known to have several projects happening at once at any given time.

Matt even told his followers that he’s milling his own lumber for the new house. Among his other projects, Matt revealed Grandpa’s Cabin earlier this year.

Due to her concerns, Amy and Chris set up a time to meet with Matt at the farm to discuss the date they chose, August 28, 2021, and to make sure the farm would be ready and available. Somewhat surprisingly, the meeting went off without a hitch.

Amy and Chris to wed on Roloff Farms next month

Matt offered the farm as a possible venue to Amy and Chris after the couple had trouble finding another location due to the pandemic.

Initially, Amy wasn’t on board with the idea, but after some time to think it over, Amy and Chris’s “Plan B,” Roloff Farms, quickly rose to the top and became their first choice.

Matt was on board with Amy and Chris’s decision to marry on the farm, and thought it was a good message to the family.

Matt said, “Amy made it official that she’s gonna get married on the farm. I think that’s a good message to the family that Amy and I are still committed to the health of the whole family and the farm.”

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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