LPBW: Amy Roloff had a 3-hour Zoom chat with her BFFs — See what the trio talked about

Amy Roloff of Little People Big World
Amy Roloff and a friend, of Little People Big World. Pic credit: TLC

Fans of Amy Roloff from Little People Big World will be familiar with her two longtime best friends, Lisa and Deb. Amy posted to Facebook last night that she had a lengthy Zoom ‘chat’ with her two favorite ladies.

Amy and her gal pals chatted for three hours about various topics

So what did they talk about for three hours? The trio enjoyed drinks during their chat, and talked about everything from life during the coronavirus pandemic, traveling, weddings, girl talk, and more.

Amy included a picture from the Zoom chat as well as a pic of her trusty companion, rescue dog Felix, who was seated on the bed in her “grandma room” amongst several stuffed animals.

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Amy captioned her post, “Friends!  I had a zoom ‘chat’ with these two – for 3 hours, I know right? – but that’s what friends do, we do anyway ?♥️.  So what did we talk about you may ask?  Life, a trip, wedding and lots more.”

“We had a blast with lots of girl talk, a drink and each in our own home.  A little about life during ‘Covid’.  Love these two friends bunches ????♥️.”

“I was in the ‘grandma room’ at my house and Felix hung out with me too.  Love my little rescue dog ??.  #friendszoomcall #talkedforhours #goodbestfriends #rescuedog #mydogfelix #zoomduringcovid #talkedabouteverything #itswhatwedo #lovemyfriends

Amy’s friends have been by her side through everything

Amy’s friends Lisa and Deb have been featured in many episodes of LPBW. They have been her trusted sidekicks through everything, including her divorce from ex-husband, Matt and meeting her fiancé, Chris.

In one memorable episode, Amy decided to host a pool party while still living in the big house on the farm. She modeled her new bathing suits for Lisa and Deb before guests arrived.

Later in the episode, viewers meet Chris Marek for the first time as he and Amy talk by the pool and seem to hit it off. Amy and Chris are now engaged to be married, with Amy hinting that the nuptials will happen very soon after their original plans were halted due to the pandemic.

Amy often joins friends Lisa and Deb on her YouTube page when she’s trying out new recipes, one of her favorite pastimes. Amy keeps busy since her divorce from Matt in 2016.

Amy is very family-oriented and loves to share her life with fans

She shares four kids and four grandkids with Matt: Jackson, Ember, Lilah and Bode. Amy loves to share pics of her family and adventures with Chris on social media.

Amy always keeps a positive attitude and sets a wonderful example of overcoming adversity and succeeding in life, despite whatever obstacles they face.

Little People Big World is currently on hiatus.

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