Love Island USA’s Isaiah Harmison defends Shannon St. Clair following perceived racist joke

Isaiah and Shannon on Love Island USA
Isaiah and Shannon on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

When Isaiah Harmison was on Love Island USA, Shannon St. Clair‘s mic caught her making an unfortunate remark that many fans latched onto.

When Harmison was getting a lap dance in one of the challenges, and he had his hands up in the air, Shannon yelled “hands up, don’t shoot.”

Since that moment, many fans turned on her, with some going as far as to troll any social media thread involving Shannon with accusations of racism.

Isaiah posted on his Instagram account on Sunday that he has heard these accusations and wanted to let people know his thoughts on the entire situation.

Isaiah defends Shannon from Love Island USA racial accusations

Isaiah Harmison, who was eliminated quickly when Aimee Flores met Wes Ogsbury, had nothing but good things to say about Shannon.

Isaiah made his feelings known on Instagram.

“Please Read: it is extremely unfortunate how the media finds ways to twist words and portray people in a false light,” he started the post.

Isaiah then brought up the scene with the lapdance and the “hands up, don’t shoot” comment.

“There was a scene in the villa where Shannon said ‘hands up don’t shoot’ when I was participating in one of the games. It has been brought to my attention that this comment is being accused as a racist comment. Which couldn’t be farther from the truth,” Isaiah wrote.

Hands up, don’t shoot is the slogan and rallying cry that rose after the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. It comments on a person who has their hands up, is not a threat, and is surrendering to the police.

Many witnesses claimed this is what Brown was doing before his murder. The slogan became a rallying cry for people standing up against police brutality.

With Shannon saying it, especially when a Black man was involved in the challenge, fans pointed out it was a racist joke. Fans also pointed out Shannon wearing MAGA hats in the past, and many turned on her instantly.

Isaiah said people jumped to the wrong conclusion.

“I’m posting this to clear the air on this false accusation,” Isaiah said. “Shannon has never at any point showed anything but inclusivity and acceptance for everyone on the show.”

Isaiah sends his best-wishes to Shannon and Josh

Isaiah also said that people need to put this behind them and support Shannon and Josh Goldstein after the death of his sister, Lindsey Goldstein.

“After getting to know Shannon, I can say whole heartedly that she has an amazing heart and soul and deserves nothing but love and support from us as she goes through this hard time with Josh,” Isaiah concluded. “I encourage you to send nothing but love towards both her and Josh.”

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.