Love Island USA’s Cashay explains her complicated relationship with Cinco

Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco Holland from Love Island USA
Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco Holland from Love Island USA. Pic credit @cashayproudfoot/Instagram

When Cashay Proudfoot left Love Island USA, she immediately sought out and hooked up with Cinco Holland again.

Since that time, fans have been watching the couple on social media and there have been plenty of questions about their relationship status.

Cashay recently explained things and it’s complicated.

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Cashay describes her relationship with Cinco after Love Island USA

Cash did an interview with S’More Date this last week. This was the same podcast that interviewed Olivia Kaiser recently.

While Olivia broke the shocking news that she and Korey Gandy broke up after he had sexual relations with Florita Diaz, Cashay had much better news for her fans.

In the interview, she said she and Cinco were still exclusive, months after they left Love Island USA.

However, it is complicated.

They are exclusive to each other, but they do not consider each other boyfriend and girlfriend at this time.

It is complicated.

Cashay said that she and Cinco are exclusive to each other and if he messed around with another woman, she would leave him and it would be over with.

She said this means it is more than a situation-ship, and they are exclusive with each other.

However, they are not boyfriend and girlfriend, and they are still working on things. This is because they are living in different states, even though she would love to call him her boyfriend.

However, Cashay said that this is something that will have to change soon.

What is keeping Cinco and Cash from being boyfriend and girlfriend?

Cinco has a business, so he can’t go to New York to see Cashay often. However, Cashay said that she doesn’t believe in long distance relationships, so this is hard for her.

She also said that she can only go long distance for a certain amount of time. She also said that she and Cinco have already talked about it, but this will be tough.

Cashay said that she loves New York City and doesn’t like Washington, D.C. as much. However, Cinco has a business there with other people, so this is something that will have to be settled soon if they want their relationship to continue.

Cashay also said that Cinco hasn’t met any of her family yet other than her brother. She spent Thanksgiving with Cinco’s family and she thinks that Cinco will meet her family in January.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. Re-live Season 3 right now on Paramount+ streaming and prepare for Season 4, which will arrive sometime in Summer 2022.

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