Love Island USA’s Andre Brunelli welcomes baby boy to the world

Andre Brunelli from Love Island USA
Andre Brunelli from Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

When Andre Brunelli appeared on Love Island USA Season 3, many fans saw that he was recently married and assumed he was not on the island for the right reasons.

These accusations came due to the news that he got married last year and was still married as of January of this year.

However, the truth is that he and his wife had separated and he was single when he appeared on Love Island USA, trying to find love and possible fame.

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The news hit today that Andre Brunelli and his ex-wife just welcomed a baby into the world, as she was seven months pregnant when he appeared on Love Island USA.

Love Island USA’s Andre has a baby boy

When Andre showed up on Love Island USA, he didn’t hide the fact he was a father from the cast. He immediately said he had a daughter back home and she was the most important thing in his life.

Many thought that Olivia Kaiser would couple up with Andre, as she was the oldest cast member and seemed the readiest for something serious.

However, since the show ended, Olivia seems to have done nothing but party all the time, so it was probably better that she didn’t hook up with Andre.

This is especially true since Andre just had a second child with his ex-wife.

Andre posted some live videos of him holding his baby son, Joseh, and talking to him, getting the boy to stop crying and smile at his father in peace.

With as much as Andre has doted on his daughter, Kylie, there is no doubt he will be just as good of a father to his new son.

Andre posts tribute to his new son on Instagram

On top of his Instagram Live, Andre also took to his regular Instagram page to post a tribute to his son.

“Being a good father is the best thing a man can do on this earth. I’ve experienced that first hand with my baby girl Kylie,” Andre wrote. “Today you have blessed me and Flavi with our baby boy Joséh.

“Although we are no longer together we believe he will be a lighthouse, to brighten our darkest days and fill us with endless love,” he continued.

“Some of you knew some of you didnt but that was on purpose so that this pregnancy could be stress free and as normal as possible. I can’t wait for you guys to watch me on this new journey now as not just a girl dad but a DAD DAD lol #TheBestIsYetToCome,” he concluded.

Love Island USA cast offers congratulations

The Love Island USA cast jumped into the comments to offer their congratulations and support.

“Congratulations Andre, you’re the best dad out there. I’m so happy for you,” Trina Njoroge wrote. She coupled up with Andre at the end when he saved her from elimination, explaining she deserved to find love.

Bailey Marshall also sent out congratulations as did Kyra Lizma, who wrote, “Congratulations Andre. So so happy for you.”

Pic credit: @andreluisbrunelli/Instagram

Love Island USA is currently on hiatus. You can relive Season 3 on Paramount+ streaming.

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