Love Island USA Season 3 contestant reunites with his wife

Andre Brunelli from Love Island USA with his family
Andre Brunelli from Love Island USA with his family. Pic credit: @andreluisbrunelli/Instagram

There were some controversial Islanders on Season 3 of Love Island USA.

One of these was Andre Brunelli, a former soccer player who was working as a model and actor when he came on the show.

When his name was revealed, a lot of people posted online that he was married and had a daughter, believing he wasn’t someone who should be on a dating reality show.

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However, the second he stepped onto the island, he let everyone know who he was.

Now that he is off the show, he has reunited with his ex-wife.

Andre Brunelli came on Love Island USA after breaking up with wife

Andre Brunelli showed up in the villa and let everyone know that he was a father to a little girl.

While fans online showed pictures of Andre with his wife, those were all before he applied to go on the show. He only was married for less than a year and they were broken up before he ever stepped foot in the villa.

Andre seemed to find a perfect match with Olivia Kaiser, but while he had big eyes for her, she was never someone who felt comfortable with anyone in the villa until she settled with Korey Gandy and won it all.

Andre went home and almost instantly was posting photos of himself with his daughter again.

Andre Brunelli returns to ex-wife

One thing that Andre never told the people in the villa was that his ex-wife, 2014 Miss Brasil USA Flavianny Nassimbeni was pregnant when he went on Love Island USA.

One month after Love Island USA ended, Andre posted a photo of him with his new baby.

He said that he and his daughter’s mother were no longer together, but he planned to be the best father he could, as he is with his other daughter.

Now, Andre and Flavianny have decided to give their marriage another chance.

Andre announced this by shredding his divorce papers and throwing them into the air as confetti to announce he was giving his marriage another chance.

“God definitely works in mysterious ways. What you’re seeing is my divorce papers ripped up and used as confetti,” Andre wrote on Instagram.

“Almost a year to the day that we began our divorce process god has re written our story. Ill live the rest of my life giving the testimony of my marriage and the power of prayer in my life.”

Love Island USA is on hiatus. The dating reality competition series will return in the summer of 2022 to Peacock.

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