Is Andre Brunelli from Love Island USA married?

Andre Brunelli from Love Island USA : Why is he really on CBS reality TV show?
Andre from Love Island USA is making waves and not in a good way. Pic credit: CBS

Is Andre Brunelli from Love Island USA married? Some shocking news about one of the latest smoking hot guys to enter The Villa has left viewers asking that very question.

The Brazilian model and soccer player appeared on the CBS reality TV show in the final moments of the Wednesday, August 4 episode. Andre and K-Ci Maultsby made quite the entrance, surprising the islanders in a bed set for the best slumber party ever.

Love Island USA viewers will soon learn more about Andre and K-Ci as they shake up the show. However, Andre is already shaking things up thanks to questions about his relationship status.

Is Andre Brunelli from Love Island USA married?

Andre walked into The Villa with his sights set on winning over Olivia Kaiser, who was suddenly interested in Korey Gandy. At first, Korey was all in for an Olivia paring, but new girl Bailey Marshall has turned his head.

Not long after Andre popped up on the hit reality TV show, social media was buzzing with news that he is married.

Yes, social media sleuths have uncovered an old Facebook post of Andre’s declaring he got married. The post is from December 2020, with Andre gushing over his new bride and their life. In the post, Andre revealed he and his wife, who was tagged as Flavia Brunelli, had been apart for months.

The post was shared on a fan page dedicated to Andre. Although there hasn’t been a post about his wife on the page since January 2021.

Andre’s personal Facebook account lists his relationship status as single and has no mention of a wife. It is possible that he has gotten divorced or is at least separated since earlier this year.

Love Island USA fans speak out about Andre’s marriage status

Love Island USA viewers are having a hard time believing he went from married in December to single in time to be on Love Island USA. Twitter has been flooded with comments that the producers allowed a married man to enter The Villa,

One user even joked that Andre was brought in because Elly Steffen admitted to dating married men.

Either one of two things will happen on Love Island USA now that Andre Brunelli’s marital status has come into question.

One, Andre will set the record straight, explaining up front if he is married or not. Two, he will pull a Leslie Golden and disappear from The Villa with literally no mention of his sudden absence.

Hopefully, it will be the first one. If Andre doesn’t address it and stays on the show, fans will call out the producers even more.

Love Island USA airs Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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