Love Island USA focuses on Cash during Trina’s speech: Is she not over Cinco yet?

Love Island USA focuses on Cash during Trina's speech
Cash watching Trina talk on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Cashay Proudfoot has been involved in three Love Island USA love triangles already this season.

This first was when she fell for Cinco Holland and Trina Njoroge swept in and claimed him for herself. After this, she and Aimee Flores both had feelings for Isaiah Harmison and Cash was broken-hearted when Isaiah chose Aimee.

The last love triangle was when Cash and Aimee again went for the same guy, with both wanting Wes Ogsbury.

In this last case, Cash did the right thing. She backed out of the love triangles completely, passing on both Isaiah and Wes, and she chose Korey Gandy, saving him after Florita Diaz broke his heart.

This allowed Aimee to have Wes, and Isaiah had to go home.

Love Island USA focuses on Cash during Trina’s speech

There were a group of Islanders who weren’t going to change anything. One of these couples was Cinco and Trina.

Interestingly, while never focusing on it, Cash and Cinco have been hanging out a little together on camera in the background, working out and just talking.

It almost seems like Cash might still have feelings toward Cinco, which he will never give back.

However, when Trina was talking about why she was sticking with Cinco, saying how she felt like they were getting ever closer, the camera flipped over to Cash and showed her watching Trina with a definite hurt look on her face.

However, there are some people who think that Cinco had something to do with Cash choosing Korey.

“Trina & Cash are responsible for saving Korey tonight so keep that in mind when you vote tomorrow. Why do you think Cinco said “you got it Cash” before she saved him?” wrote @ReeCeMonique85.

Cash gives reason for choosing Korey

This could be true, but even if it wasn’t Cinco and Trina who played a role in it, they had a big part in it.

When Cash stood up to make her decision, she was already crying.

Florita had just broken Korey’s heart when she chose Jeremy. Florita also seemed to try to hurt Korey when she said the person she chose was the one who made her feel like she was the only one in the villa he wanted.

That is far from true with Jeremy, but it was exactly what Korey told her.

Cash listened to what Trina was saying and it clicked for her.

Cash had been through love triangles and chose not to stand in Aimee’s way, allowing her to choose who she wanted. Cash said some interesting things.

She said that there was one person up there with a big heart and someone who was there for her when she needed a shoulder to cry on.

Trina broke Cash’s heart by going behind her back to take Cinco, so she knew she wouldn’t do that to Aimee. She also saw Florita do to Korey what Cinco did to her.

Because of the Cinco and Trina betrayal, Cash saved Korey, not wanting anyone else to feel like she did earlier this season.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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