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Love Island USA eliminates final couple before final fan voting starts

Love Island USA Islanders facing final elimination
Love Island USA Islanders facing final elimination. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA had one last elimination before voting for the finale.

Ariana showed up and said there would be one couple leaving tonight. The Islanders had to decide amongst themselves which couple would leave.

This was tough because it meant one of the couples either needed to volunteer to leave or the others had to go against one of the couples.

Who did the Love Island USA couples choose?

Each of the couples went off on their own to talk about things.

The Islanders had to figure things out amongst themselves and each of them took different angles.

Korey Gandy didn’t think that Trina and Andre were more than friends, but Olivia Kaiser didn’t want to choose them because Trina was her friend.

Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama went first. Will did the talking and Kyra announced the least compatible couple in their mind was Trina and Andre.

Trina Njoroge and Andre Brunelli went next. It was the same, with Andre starting the talking, and said the couple that needed to work on things,m and they chose Alana and Charlie.

Up next were Alana Paolucci and Charlie Lynch. Charlie said that they were going against two great people but they needed too much time to make it work. They chose Trina and Andre.

Korey and Olivia were up next and Olivia was crying when she started talking, not giving Korey a chance to say anything. Olivia said it sucks, but she chose Trina and Andre.

With three votes, there was no need for the last vote. Despite this, Jeremy Hershberg and Bailey Marshall went anyway. Jeremy said the people they chose were “shining lights” and Bailey chose Andre and Trina.

With four votes to one, Andre and Trina went home.

Trina called the Islanders her family and told them how much she loved them. She said she is leaving, but she has a new family.

Who is left on Love Island USA to vote on for the finale?

It is now up to the viewers to vote for the winner.

The final four couples are:

Will & Kyra – This is the couple who has been together the longest, and while there were struggles after Casa Amor, they remain together.

Alana & Charlie – Alana and Charlie are the underdogs, with the least amount of time to win over viewers.

Bailey & Jeremy – Jeremy has been there the entire time and struggled to find someone he could stick with. He and Bailey have seemed to find a connection, and it is up to the viewers to decide if it is enough.

Olivia & Korey – Olivia and Korey have become a fan-favorite couple. While some question Olivia’s intentions, people love Korey and want the best for him.

Voting takes place 30 minutes after the finale tonight.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.