Love Island USA: Cashay says it was the right time for her to leave the villa

Charlie and Cashay on Love Island USA
Charlie and Cashay on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Many Love Island USA fans were shocked and enraged when Cashay Proudfoot was eliminated from the villa on Saturday night.

After the previous departure of Josh Goldstein and Shannon St. Clair after the death of Josh’s sister, fans felt that the heart of the show was missing now.

Add in fans who are still mad at the Islanders kept Charlie Lynch instead of Cinco Holland, and there are many viewers reeling from the loss of island favorites.

However, Cashay felt it was a good time for her to leave the island.

Cashay talks about her elimination

In a Q&A with fans, Cashay said she was “doing really good” after her elimination from Love Island USA.

“My heart feels light,” she said. “I feel happy. I feel like I left at the right time for me. I feel like it wouldn’t have felt it to stay any longer, and I think a life is waiting for me outside the villa and I think I’m ready to explore that.”

Another fan asked her what the most important thing she would take away from her time on Love Island USA in the villa.

“Being you and having you be enough for everyone else,” Cashay said, referring to how it makes her see herself. “That’s the biggest thing I am going to take away. And also, I just made the most incredible friendships and connections on that show. I couldn’t thank everyone else enough.”

“Best thing that’s ever happened to me, guaranteed.”

As for her favorite time in the villa, she said she couldn’t limit it to one moment.

“I think the mornings are my favorite,” Cashay said. “We woke up together. We made breakfast together. We would make fun of each other. Not knowing what the day held was just the best.”

What is next for Love Island USA without Cashay?

When Love Island USA lost Josh and Shannon, it left the show without a lot of its drama, as Shannon never held back when expressing her feelings and thoughts about other islanders.

If the teaser for Sunday night showed us anything, it was that Trina Njoroge might be taking that spot.

Trina already said she is not going to be nice anymore when she is mad, and she is furious with Charlie for choosing Alana Paolucci over Cashay.

There is a good chance Charlie could end up eliminated after Sunday night’s fan votes, and if he does, it is all because of fans’ love for Cashay Proudfoot.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.