Love After Lockup’s Lindsey claims to be the ‘sole financial provider’ for her daughter from prison

Linsdey Downs
Lindsey Downs from Love After Lockup says she is the only financial support for her daughter despite being in prison. Pic credit: WE TV

Viewers found out during the outro for Scott and Lindsey segment on Love After Lockup that Lindsey was arrested after her breakup with Scott for possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute and possession of a firearm by a felon and now faces up to ten years.

She has been behind bars since the show but wanted to make it clear to her fans and followers that she financially supports her daughter 100%. She acknowledged that her mom has psychical custody of her daughter while she is incarcerated.

It appears that getting her point across to her audience about the role she has in her daughter’s life is important to her.

Lindsey asserted through her Instagram story, “Hey guys, most of you think you know me based on what you see on TV, social media, and/or stuff you’ve read about me in the tabloids. Although I could care less about others’ negative, irrelevant, and mostly inaccurate opinions of me, I feel the urge to speak on something only because it concerns MY child…I AM the sole financial provider for my daughter, MG. Yes, my mom currently has full custody of her while I am incarcerated. However, I am the one who pays for her every need & care.”

How is Lindsey getting her money?

Lindsey’s post was a bold statement to her haters who worry about how Lindsey’s daughter is taken care of.

IG post from Lindsey Downs
Lindsey wanted her audience to know that she still takes care of her daughter from behind bars. Pic credit: @simply_linzy/Instagram

It appears that Lindsey is able to have a cell phone in jail because she has been active on social media and has been pedaling various money-making avenues through her Instagram.

During her IG story, Lindsey revealed that she opened her own ETSY shop where she sells autographed photos and bracelets that she makes in prison.

She also has links to her cash app, YouTube, and the different ways you can pay to have direct access to her like though messaging, calls, handmade cards, or video chats.

Lindsey acted up a lot on Love After Lockup

When she wasn’t mad at Scott, she was plotting to get her bestfriend/secret lover, Tara Belle, to move onto Scott’s property.

While on the outside, she tried to reignite her modeling career, which Scott did not approve of.

The climax of Lindsey and Scott’s time on Love After Lockup was when Lindsey violently tore apart Scott’s office looking through all his personal items. She found what she believed to be incriminating things so she left Scott’s laptop out in the rain and carved “Liar” in large letters deeply into his desk.

Scott subsequently pressed charges again her for the incident after their breakup. A 4th season of Love After Lockup has been confirmed but it is highly unlikely Scott will want to get involved with another inmate after this experience.

Love After Lockup will be returning in June, 2021 on WE TV.

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