Love After Lockup exclusive: What happened to Lindsey?

Scott calling about Lindsey on Love After Lockup.
Scott, Lindsey’s mom, and her daughter wait to see where Lindsey is at. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup couple Scott and Lindsey have gotten a lot of attention since Season 3 began.

Last week, viewers watched as Scott waited for Lindsey to get off a plane in Columbia, Mississippi. When she didn’t arrive, there were plenty of thoughts about why. As Love After Lockup ended, there were no definitive answers about what happened.

Scott finds Lindsey

Everything was planned for Lindsey’s release. Scott has been working on building a home that was to her liking, including spending money decorating the house he bought in Mississippi.

As Scott got ready to meet Lindsey, he ordered a limo and bought her steak for dinner. They had planned on traveling from the airport to the halfway house in Tupelo, where her mother and daughter would be waiting to see her.

In this exclusive Love After Lockup clip, Scott finds out what happened to Lindsey. After waiting all night to call the prison and find out if she was there, he was able to get through. While the news wasn’t what they wanted, the prison confirmed that Lindsey was still in lockup.

Scott, Lindsey’s mom, and her daughter were all there as they attempted to get more information. Unfortunately, there were no details about why she was still incarcerated or when she was expected to get out.

What is next for Scott and Lindsey?

Waiting to hear from Lindsey is the only way the family and Scott will get answers. Her mom revealed that she was in the shu when she talked to her earlier in the week. This is a special housing unit used for prisoners who were in trouble or various other reasons. They are by themselves and don’t have interaction with any of the other prisoners.

Lindsey knows how to stay in trouble according to her mom. Will this extend her time in prison? Scott has sacrificed a lot to make sure things are right for when she comes home. There will be time spent in a halfway house, but then she is expected to move in with him with her young daughter.

Despite the disappointment of Lindsey’s failed arrival, there is still hope. She didn’t blow Scott off, which is something some Love After Lockup viewers thought could happen. It is a waiting game for the family until Lindsey calls to reveal what happened.

Love After Lockup airs Fridays at 9/8c on WEtv.

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