Love After Lockup’s Heather says she was ‘attacked with tire iron’ as police refuse to let her leave hospital

Heather and Dylan from Love After Lockup
Heather, pictured on Love After Lockup, filmed a live recording of her in the hospital with head injuries. Pic credit: WE TV

Heather from Love After Lockup posted a shocking video of herself in an ambulance and at the hospital with bruising, swelling, and cuts to her face and body.

She alleged in the video that she was attacked by a man and later went on IG Live claiming that the attacker had a tire iron.

During the IG Live video, she was then seen arguing with nursing staff and police officers when they expressed concern for her welfare, and said she wasn’t allowed to leave hospital until she was assessed via a psych evaluation and deemed in no danger of causing harm to herself or others.

Many of her fans and viewers of the incident shared their concern for her as they watched the incident unfold online.

Heather was visibly hurt in her Instagram Story

In Heather’s videos, she had obvious injuries to her face and she also bruising on her abdomen. She stated that she also had to get staples in her head.

Heather from Love After Lockup
Heather shared a disturbing video of her head wound. Pic credit: @1heathergee/Instagram

She wrote a caption to her video in the hospital where she said, “I have to stop trying to help people. Thank you God for protecting me and for keeping me alive!”

Heather from Love After Lockup
Heather shared a video in the hospital. Pic credit: @1heathergee/Instagram

She then recorded live as she was escorted into a room by several people and told she couldn’t leave until she had been assessed by a doctor.

Heather’s situation since Love After Lockup

Heather appears to have been living a transient lifestyle since her time on Love After Lockup, where she only stayed with convict, Dylan Smith, a few days before breaking up.

She has stated on social media that she has been homeless since January 2020 and appears to bounce around from city to city, staying in motels and AirBNBs.

During the show, she revealed that she was raped as a teenager at a reform camp for wayward teens, and most recently she changed her Instagram account name to @tiredofbeingraped. She has since changed the name back to @1heathergee.

Heather is very active on her Instagram page with posts and stories, and she sometimes also posts live recordings. Several incidents have led to fans posting messages online saying they are concerned for her wellbeing.

Love After Lockup is currently on hiatus.

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