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Love After Lockup’s Dylan Smith reveals the truth behind relationship with Heather

Dylan from Love After Lockup.
Dylan Smith talked about his relationship with Heather. Pic credit: We TV

Dylan and Heather from Love After Lockup Season 3 were on the show for a few episodes before they disappeared again.

Things were up and down for them, and the events that transpired were shocking for viewers to watch. From Heather speeding down the highway to her tantrum over Dylan being polite and speaking with her aunt, her behavior was wild.

During the Season 3 finale of Love After Lockup, Dylan revealed he had not seen or talked to Heather since she took off and left him stranded with the crew. He shot some scenes with his mom in his new place in Chicago, and that was it.

What does Dylan say about his relationship with Heather?

While speaking with Domenick Nati of The Domenick Nati Show, Dylan spilled some tea about what actually went down between him and Heather.

He talked about how, at that point in his life, he wasn’t prepared to handle the pressure she was laying on him and the erratic behavior. Of course, he didn’t go into specifics because he said he doesn’t like to air dirty laundry, but it was clear what he was talking about.

Viewers who watched the show witnessed Heather flip out on him on more than one occasion. Dylan said it became clear he needed to form an “escape plan.”

When asked about who ended things, he revealed he had. There were conflicting reports, but it looks like his decision to end things was best for him.

What’s life like now for Dylan?

Since his release, he has been fulfilling all of his parole obligations. He hasn’t failed a drug test or done anything to land him in more trouble. Dylan should be off parole by June 2021, but it could even be sooner.

On social media, he often shared photos and scenery from what he is doing and working on.

It appears that things are going well for him, even if the original plan of being with Heather didn’t work out. During his last appearance on Love After Lockup, he revealed that he still had love for her. She was there during a tough time in his life.

In six months, Dylan will likely be a free man. After working hard to remain free and be the best version of himself he can be, it looks like it will pay off.

Love After Lockup is currently on hiatus.

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