5 shocking moments that happened with the Love After Lockup couples

Sarah, Clint, and Andrea from Love After Lockup.
Sarah, Clint, and Andrea all had shocking moments on Love After Lockup. Pic credit: We TV

Love After Lockup has had some shocking moments across three seasons and the Life After Lockup spin-off.

From catfishing to prison babies, some of the secrets revealed on the show have caused jaw-dropping reactions.

The premise is basic — one person is on the outside dating someone who is on the inside. It should be cut and dry, right? Wrong.

While some of the relationships have lasted and made it through marriage and children, others have failed miserably while playing out on one of the shows.

For the couples who have made a go of their relationships, Love After Lockup sends them to the new show, Life After Lockup. Not everyone makes the cut, but those that do continue to be worthy of reality TV viewers looking for some trainwreck moments.

Here are some of the most shocking moments from Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup.

Andrea’s confession about how Priscilla was conceived

Andrea from Love After Lockup.
Andrea telling her friends that Lamar is Priscilla’s dad. Pic credit: We TV

Viewers have followed Andrea and Lamar since the very beginning of Love After Lockup. They are the OGs of the series and have since moved to the spin-off, Life After Lockup.

With three children in tow, Andrea moved to California from Utah while Lamar completed the requirements in order to remain a free man. Despite some mishaps, they worked through things.

Nyla, Tennison, and Priscilla are all good children and wise beyond their years.

When Andrea revealed that Priscilla was biologically Lamar’s daughter, Love After Lockup viewers were shocked. She had never discussed their fathers, but it was assumed by many that they all had the same one.

Coming clean with her Mormon friends was awkward. Andrea revealed that she and Lamar did the deed in a prison closet, which is where she conceived Priscilla.

There’s nothing like hearing about a romp in a prison closet to send your jaw to the floor.

Tracie disappearing on her wedding night

Clint and Tracie on Love After Lockup.
Tracie and Clint hours before they were married. Pic credit: We TV

After meeting Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady, viewers knew that they were in for a wild ride.

She had been in prison for a while and he was driving to Texas to pick her up. His mother, Alice, warned him of what could happen and it looks like he should have listened.

Spending a lot of money was on Tracie’s agenda, and that’s exactly what she did. She was late for her nuptials, which caused some worry. That wasn’t the worst of things, though.

Following her commitment to Clint, Tracie disappeared to go get high. She took his rental car while he was asleep. The following morning, he filmed the show, revealing to his mom that Tracie had taken off for some “motherf***ing crack.”

That slogan became their catchphrase, which has been used all over social media.

Currently, the two are no longer together and Tracie recently revealing she had been seeing former Teen Mom OG personality, Matt Baier. They were not asked back for Life After Lockup this time around, so it looks like their time on the show ran its course.

The Sarah/Megan confrontation

Megan and Sarah on Love After Lockup.
Megan and Sarah came face to face to talk about Michael. Pic credit: We TV

Learning that Michael had two women waiting for him on the outside was a surprise. He is married to Sarah Simmons and was seeing Megan on the side. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

Love After Lockup previewed the sitdown confrontation between Sarah and Megan, but no one knew how it was going to go. The lead up to it was intense, especially since neither woman was trying to give Michael up.

When they came face to face in the hotel lobby, it looked like sparks were going to fly. Sarah was pregnant with her second child with Michael, and Megan was looking unbothered.

She had allowed him to take her virginity, which led to feelings being unresolved about what she should do.

Megan hasn’t been in the picture recently, but Michael did have another girl, Maria. Now that Sarah has another man and moved on, it will be interesting to see how things turn out.

The first love triangle was a big deal, and it had Love After Lockup fans talking throughout the entire season.

Heather’s jealousy of her family and Dylan

Dylan and Heather on Love After Lockup.
Heather raging at Dylan while they were in the car. Pic credit: We TV

Heather and Dylan were a part of Season 3 of Love After Lockup and only briefly.

Viewers met the couple when Heather went to pick up Dylan on release day. They were headed to live with her Aunt Diane, which is where his parole listed his address.

Immediately, things went south. As he was attempting to speak with Heather’s family, she became enraged and acted like a spoiled brat. She was focused on him making sure her needs were met, not making nice with her family. It wasn’t a priority.

She decided to leave with him, only to learn that his parole officer had shown up and they had to race back to handle things with that. Dylan could have gotten into trouble, but luckily, he got a pass.

As they were headed to get his identification card, Heather was set off again. She took a long time to get ready, putting them behind schedule. After he made a joke during filming, she lost it and decided to pull off.

Her rage was caught on camera, and things between them stopped there.

Dylan and Heather split before filming even wrapped.

Cheryl and Josh at the castle

Josh and Cheryl from Love After Lockup.
Josh and Cheryl were to be engaged until she threw a tantrum. Pic credit: We TV

When we first met Cheryl and Josh, she was in love. She gushed over him and packed up and went to be with him when he was finally released.

Their relationship didn’t go so well, especially because Josh’s mom was not a fan of Cheryl at all. The two reconciled following a breakup, but things never did get better.

Josh was set to propose to Cheryl at a castle. He wanted to make it special as they checked out possible wedding venues. With the ring in his pocket, things didn’t go as planned.

The castle was not what Cheryl had envisioned and she was offended that he was even serious about using it as their wedding venue. She couldn’t wait to rattle off everything that was wrong with it, including the fact that safety was an issue.

She wasn’t wrong about it not being ideal for a wedding where kids would be present, but her tantrum was shocking. Cheryl threw the biggest fit, stomped out of the castle, and walked away without a proposal.

There was nothing cute about the way Cheryl acted following the venue check.

In fact, it was one of the more cringeworthy moments across the seasons of Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup.

Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup air Friday nights on We TV.

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