Life After Lockup exclusive: Andrea and Lamar talk quarantine and life in California

Andrea and Lamar from Life After Lockup.
Andrea and Lamar are back for more Life After Lockup. Pic credit: WEtv

Life After Lockup is back tonight, and Andrea and Lamar are along for the ride. They have been a fan-favorite couple since the beginning.

From the start, when Lamar was behind bars, to the last time viewers saw them when they took a vote on where they should live, this couple has put their lives out there for everyone to see.

Monsters & Critics had a chance to speak with them about how they are doing with quarantine and what to expect on the four-part Life After Lockup series.

Monsters & Critics: So first, I want to ask you guys how everything’s been going since COVID-19 and what happened in March when everything was shut down. How are you guys holding up?

Andrea: It’s easier for Lamar because he’s used to being locked up. Like in the hole in prison. But for me, it has been so hard. It’s a different life. We are always around each other.

Lamar: Well, that’s hard for me too. It’s a little easier for me because, you know, I’m used to be being isolated and being in a certain area for different amounts of time.

Andrea: He loves this way of living.

Lamar: I kind of do. The streets are so empty. I could go to the hotel and be the only one there.

Monsters & Critics: What is one thing you each learned about each other while in quarantine?

Andrea: I didn’t know this about my husband, but I learned that he works better with a program. If we distract him or if he’s distracted, it really, really, you know, annoys you. So he’s so good like military-like, militant with a program or schedule that works for him. I like being spontaneous and being everywhere.


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Monsters & Critics: Are you happy being in California, or do you miss Utah?

Andrea: I miss Utah.

Lamar: I love California.

Andrea: I think about moving back to Utah almost every day.

Lamar: I don’t see any place better than Calfornia.

Andrea: I, I just miss Utah. I miss my friends. It’s so hard I can’t even go on like on Facebook on social media because I’ll see my friends and their kids growing up and get like really sad.

Lamar: *chuckles*

Andrea: It’s not funny. Lamar has his whole family, his whole life here. This is not my world. This is his world, and I am in his world.

Monsters & Critics: What has been the most difficult part about keeping the marriage alive through all of the ups and downs? Do you see yourselves having more children?

Andrea: We have to move out of the ghetto first. I don’t want to be pregnant or have kids while living in the inner city. I need to focus on creating a positive synergy like environment which is hard to do with the people Lamar has introduced me to my new world with Lamar.

Lamar: Right now my life I’m not ready for no more. Don’t add some more on my plate. I don’t have time for that. I’m trying to rebuild my life because I lost a lot of years. I would love to have anything baby but right now, it’s not the right time. I’m not ready.

Monsters & Critics: What’s new with Lamar’s music? Anything happening there?

Lamar: Um, yeah. I’m talking to some high-end execs. I’m trying to figure out some things before I start releasing some of these unreleased tracks. Projects in the making, you know, slow motion.

Monsters & Critics: I have to ask because I’ve talked to other people from the franchise and many of them mention you guys as their favorite couple, did you watch this new season, and what did you think?

Andrea: You know what I watch? I don’t get to watch every episode because of homeschooling, quarantine, and crazy life, but I try to make it a point to watch the release dates because I feel like I relive my release date with Lamar.

Lamar: I like a couple of them. I like Maurice, I like the OG with the suit [Tyrice]. I didn’t have the chance to really meet the other ones.

Andrea: You know who I like? The guy who got married in the back of the truck [John]. John and Kristianna, they’re my favorites.

Lamar: I also like the pretty boy dude and the girl with the hair. I like them because they seem fiery like they are a little wild.

Andrea: I like John. He just seems so genuine to me. The one who got married in the back of the truck. He’s just like so genuine.

Monsters & Critics: What can you tell me about these next four episodes? I’ll take spoilers, but what can you say without getting in too much trouble?

Lamar: I can guarantee two things. A lot of laughing and more laughing.

Andrea: Let me tell you something, I am not going to give you a spoiler, but Lamar almost ruined everything. Like a major disaster. It’s unbelievable. I can’t even believe the cameras were there to capture it.

To find out what Lamar did, be sure to tune into the four-part series of Life After Lockup that begins tonight.

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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