Love After Lockup exclusive: Stan and Lisa get pulled over

Lisa and Stan on Love After Lockup.
Lisa gets anxious when she and Stan are pulled over on Love After Lockup. Pic credit: WEtv

Stan and Lisa find themselves in a predicament when he blows a red light following the dinner they shared on last week’s Love After Lockup.

Fresh out of jail, Lisa is anxious about having the cops pull them over. She wasn’t driving, but that doesn’t mean they won’t run her name.

Things are already rocky between the two. Lisa met Stan for dinner, and while he apologized, it was clear she wasn’t feeling him or his move to get her back to his house for some private time.

He was so excited that after they left the restaurant, he ran right through a red light. As he fumbles to find his license and insurance, Lisa gets anxious.

In this exclusive Love After Lockup clip, she clarifies that Stan was more worried about his driving record than how she was feeling and what he could do to comfort her.

These two are in for a rocky ride, especially if they make it back to his place.

To find out what happens, be sure to tune in!

Love After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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