Lindsey Georgoulis, Olajuwon Dickerson, and Michael Morency reveal why they may say ‘no’ on Decision Day

Lindsey Georgoulis
Decision Day is fast approaching on Married at First Sight Season 14. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight: Afterparty came to an end this week, and it was an emotional finale.

Host Keshia Knight Pulliam had a chat with guests Michael Morency, Olajuwon Dickerson, and Lindsey Georgoulis.

Keshia asked the trio what would make them say yes and no to their spouses on Decision Day, and they each gave their honest answers.

MAFS stars detail what would make them opt for divorce on Decision Day

As Afterparty came to an end, host Keshia Knight Pulliam’s final question to her guests was about Decision Day and why each cast member would choose to stay married and decide to get a divorce.

Michael shared that he could potentially divorce Jasmina on Decision Day because of their lack of physical connection and romance. Jasmina and Michael haven’t consummated their marriage and struggle to even kiss, as Jasmina has alluded to not feeling physical attraction to Michael on several occasions. 

Michael stated that he would say no due to “the big missing piece in our marriage… the romance.” 

Lindsey and Mark have been an explosive couple on this season of Married at First Sight, with many low points in their marriage. 

Lindsey explained that she would potentially say no on Decision Day because “Mark is very unstable right now in his life, and that’s something that I need. I need that stability.” 

After a session with Dr. Pepper, Olajuwon made the shocking claim that he thinks Katina should say no on Decision Day. Olajuwon felt Katina would need time to focus on her studies and herself and that perhaps marriage would hinder her goals. 

On Afterparty, Olajuwon again brought up his concerns about what Katina could handle as he revealed that if he said no on Decision Day, it would be because he was “caring for Katina’s own personal goals in life.” 

MAFS stars share why they would say ‘yes’ on Decision Day 

Michael, Olajuwon, and Lindsey all knew why they could say no on Decision Day, but they also offered reasons they could say yes. 

Michael shared that he may potentially say yes on Decision Day because of “the progress that we’ve made” since he and Jasmina came a long way from their tense arguments in the beginning. 

Lindsey stated that she could say yes on Decision Day because of “the fun I have with Mark.”

Olajuwon revealed that he may say yes to staying married because of “how Katina makes me feel.” 

Which couples do you think will stay married on Decision Day?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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Karen Gauthier
Karen Gauthier
2 years ago

I don’t think any of them will stay together unless Steve agrees to live separately from Noi.