MAFS viewers weigh in on Jasmina Outar and Michael Morency’s relationship issues

Jasmina and Michael MAFS
Jasmina and Michael’s drama on MAFS has caused fans to react on social media. Pic credit: Lifetime

Jasmina Outar and Michael Morency are finding themselves having all sorts of miscommunications and uncomfortable situations on Married at First Sight as a result of their different understandings of one another and viewers have been weighing in.

First, Jasmina and Michael had issues over Michael’s overthinking and expectations of the worst to happen. Once they talked through it, Michael realized it was a coping mechanism he needed to work on after Jasmina pointed out that his overthinking takes him out of the moment and prevents good things from happening.

Where they ran into a more tense problem, was when Michael thought that Jasmina cut him off in front of the group and came at her in a way that made Jasmina feel disrespected. After a talk in circles about Michael feeling one way about receiving an apology and Jasmina feeling another way about it, they came to a point of mutual truce with plans to handle things differently moving forward.

With those foundational issues laid out to MAFS viewers, they used social media to comment on the growing but surmountable problems between Jasmina and Michael.

MAFS fans reacted to Jasmina Outar and Michael Morency’s relationship issues

On Twitter, MAFS fans were very opinionated about the issues going down between Jasmina and Michael’s communication and understanding of one another.

One meme made by a fan featured a little girl looking disheveled and captioned, “Jasmina is overthinking about her man being an overthinker.”

Another critic shared their take on the situation by remarking, “Okay so I get Jasmina’s point of view but I also think she should give Mike credit for openly sharing how he feels. He should be encouraged to communicate and not looked at sideways for doing so.”

Twitter post about Jasmina and Michael
Pic credit: @popcornandtv/Twitter

Someone else used a still image of Jasmina and Michael on the boat at the time Michael felt Jasmina cut him off. They captioned, “Michael, sir, Jasmina did not cut you off! You asked, “It’s only been three days since we got married?” It was a question. She simply responded on how she felt. She did not owe you an apology.”

Another MAFS observer made the statement, “Jasmina needs to be a little softer and Michael needs to get out of his head.”

Twitter post about Jasmina and Michael
Pic credit: @jred17685354/Twitter

The drama is just heating up on Married at First Sight

Between Alyssa’s ill feelings towards Chris, Noi’s unreturned feeling that she’s falling in love with Steve, Mark asking Lindsey to slow down despite consummating their marriage, and Jasmina and Michael’s relationship strife, there has been a lot of drama.

But the couples are only on their honeymoons and have the majority of the season left to go.

MAFS viewers should stay tuned to watch some of the major issues between the couples play out and to discover which ones might turn out to be right for each other.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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