Life After Lockup exclusive: Kristianna confronts Terra about John

Kristianna and Terra on Life After Lockup.
Kristianna is confronting Terra about John on Life After Lockup. Pic credit: WeTV

Life After Lockup’s season finale is coming up, and with that will come the answer to the burning question about whether Terra and John slept together while Kristianna was locked up.

Viewers last saw Kristianna going to meet Terra late at night after her mom revealed she thinks something went down between her other daughter and her son-in-law. Remember, she asked John to take in her mother and sister because they needed help, and when she went back to prison, they remained under his roof.

Terra did try to kiss John on a recent episode of Life After Lockup, but he shot her down. That was shortly before Kristianna was released, and consequently, Terra had to leave because she had open charges. In order for Kristianna to come home, she couldn’t live with anyone who had an open case.

The confrontation between sisters

In this exclusive Life After Lockup clip, Kristianna and Terra meet up at the chosen location.

Things are emotional between the sisters. Their relationship hasn’t always been the best, and Kristianna revealed she slept with Terra’s man at one point. It was in a confessional in a prior episode, which was after her mother raised her concerns about the relationship between John and her other daughter.

Now, the moment of truth is upon the women. Kristianna wants to know if Terra slept with her husband. The conversation gets heated because Terra confirms there was flirting and that was something John denied to his wife when she asked him about it after being released. There is also hurt there because her sister took on the role of caretaker in the home and bonded with John and his kids, something Kristianna has yet to do.

Will Kristianna relapse?

One of the biggest concerns for Kristianna is dealing with her emotions and a possible relapse. She fell off the wagon shortly after she was released at the beginning when she first married John. That is what triggered her entrance back into custody, but now, she is determined to stay clean.

What Terra says will weigh heavily on what happens between John and Kristianna. She is going to have to decide if she trusts him and wants to continue on in life as his wife. Her confessional appears to allude to the fact that she does, but if Terra and John did sleep together, will she be able to get over it?

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WeTV.

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