Life After Lockup exclusive: Shawn gives Destinie money

Shawn and Destinie in Life After Lockup confessionals.
Shawn tries to make up with Destinie on Life After Lockup. Pic credit: WeTV

This season of Life After Lockup saw the addition of Love After Lockup couple, Shawn and Destinie.

Things haven’t been going well for the couple, and it doesn’t look like it is getting any better.

The last time Life After Lockup viewers saw them, Shawn was having his car towed from Destinie’s sister’s house and she was yelling profanity and berating him while he drove away.

Shawn and Destinie meet back up

At some point during the upcoming episode, Shawn and Destine come face to face again.

She is continuously blaming him for taking his car back, and the conversation turns to tricks. Destinie confirms she was talking to several guys but quit once she caught feelings for him.

Meanwhile, he is talking about how she scammed him, which leads to her bringing up his scams. Of course, he isn’t trying to hear it. Destinie reminds him he lied about his age and how many kids he had. She wasn’t wrong to call Shawn out, but his crimes of dishonesty are far less damaging than hers have been to him.

Despite all of that, Shawn caves and still gives into what Destinie wants.

In this exclusive Life After Lockup, when she asks for money, he obliges. She scoffs at the measly 40 dollars he hands her, but she takes it hastily. When he asks for a hug, she begrudgingly obliges but doesn’t look enthused.

Where do Shawn and Destinie stand?

It is obvious these two aren’t meant for each other, but how it plays out on Life After Lockup remains to be seen.

In a trailer for this season, Destinie appeared to confirm she was married, but was it to Shawn?

Destinie revealed that she was already seeing someone else in a confessional. While it hasn’t been shown on the show yet, it is likely coming.

The biggest question is where Destine met someone else. She has been staying with her sister near Redding, but is that where her new love interest lives? With her, nothing would be surprising. Remember, she was interested in dating the woman from the furniture store where Shawn’s credit card was declined.

With everything going on, Shawn is likely still concerned about the $50,000 he put up for her so that she could remain free. Destinie did show up to court, but things were postponed, so now, he is still on the hook if she decides to disappear.

Be sure to tune in to watch it all play out.

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WeTV.

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