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Life After Lockup exclusive: Destinie takes off before court

Destinie in a Life After Lockup confessional.
Destinie disappears the morning of her court date. Pic credit: WeTV

Life After Lockup is full of drama this season.

When Destinie and Shawn were announced as part of the new series, some Love After Lockup viewers were shocked.

Their relationship was volatile at best, and the drama just kept coming. From him laying $50,000 on the line for her bail to her taking off with his car and credit card, Destinie was living her best life at the expense of his.

Will Destinie show up to court on Life After Lockup?

In this exclusive Life After Lockup clip, Destinie is supposed to be headed to her court date. She left the house before her sister woke up, and now, she isn’t answering anyone’s calls.

As her sister worries, Shawn is seen driving to the courthouse. He has a lot of money on the line and is hopeful Destinie will do what is right.

Destinie appears to be driving somewhere when she talks to the cameras. She has something up her sleeve, but no one knows what it is, and that could be a very dangerous thing.

If she doesn’t show up to court, it is going to cost her not only her freedom, but it will also leave Shawn without the money he put up for her because of his faith in their relationship.

What will happen with Destinie and Shawn?

Based on the previews shown last week on Life After Lockup, it looks like Destinie ends up married. She tells the camera she is married, but no one is with her while she makes the announcement.

Whether it is Shawn she talks about remains to be seen. He did propose to her a while back, but she took off and went back to Redding to be with her family after not getting her way. He has been attempting to reconcile with her, but as of last week’s episode, has not seen her.

Will Destinie show up for court? Will Shawn lose the money he laid on the line for her instead of using it for the kids he shares with Kelly?

Knowing a little bit more about Destinie’s background has explained some things, but if she doesn’t make it to court, she will only have herself to blame as she talked about it on camera last week.

Be sure to tune in and find out what Destinie is up to and if she shows up to court where her sister and Shawn will be waiting.

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WeTV.

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