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Life After Lockup exclusive: Amber spills the beans about her relationship

Amber during a Life After Lockup confessional.
Amber reveals she is seeing Sammy again on Life After Lockup. Pic credit: WeTV

Things for Amber on Life After Lockup have been complicated this season.

From her mom’s release from prison to her girlfriend, Puppy’s release, there has been a lot of changes happening in a small amount of time.

While trying to decide what happens next, Amber has been keeping a big secret from everyone in her life. Life After Lockup viewers watched as she took a call with her boyfriend during a confessional, and now, she is ready to reveal more about who he is and their relationship.

Amber reveals her mystery man is Sammy

In this exclusive Life After Lockup clip, Amber is seen driving with her mom. This is when the truth bomb about who she has been seeing is dropped.

Revealing to her mom that she has been seeing Sammy again doesn’t get the reaction she had hoped it would. Things between Amber and her boyfriend weren’t great according to the conversation they have in the car. Her mom reveals that he wanted to keep her away from her family and they didn’t have the healthiest communication.

In her confessional, Amber does reveal that she and Sammy were together for four years and their breakup was intense. Drugs were involved and he was in and out of prison. They hadn’t spoken in 10 years, and now, he appears to be everything she had hoped he would be when they were together the first time around.

What does this mean for Amber and Puppy?

The situation between Amber and Puppy is going to have to be dealt with. On a recent episode of Life After Lockup, they went out partying and ended up in bed together when they got home. Puppy attempted to have a serious talk with Amber, but nothing was resolved.

At the beginning of the above clip, Puppy is seen talking about how she feels like a stranger with Amber now. She is realizing there is something going on, but what remains to be seen.

Honesty is going to have to happen, but Amber will need to figure out how to tell Puppy the truth. It is clear she cares about her friend, but as far as a relationship goes, Amber is set on being with Sammy.

To see how this all goes down, be sure to tune in each week.

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WeTV.