Life After Lockup exclusive: Amber’s secret is revealed

Amber on Life After Lockup.
Amber has a secret on Life After Lockup. Pic credit: We TV

Life After Lockup fans have been waiting to see what happens between Amber and Puppy.

Last week, they arrived back at Kathy’s house with their relationship still up in the air.

Leaning on each other during their prison stay was one thing, but now, Puppy wants more from Amber. The tension between them is so thick that it could be cut by a knife.

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This week, though, Amber’s secret is out.

What has Amber been hiding on Life After Lockup?

Watching her life unfold on Life After Lockup has been interesting for Love After Lockup fans who met Amber when she was in a relationship with Vince. That has all come and gone, and now, her prison girlfriend is home and wanting to pick up where they left off.

In the exclusive Life After Lockup clip, Amber is talking about the tension between her and Puppy while they both live in Kathy’s home. So far, she has remained on the straight and narrow, but with her mom and Puppy out of prison, that could change.

Does Amber Have A New Lover? ? Life After Lockup

During her confessional, Amber is interrupted by a phone call. She answers it on camera, and viewers will be stunned to hear what happens as things play out.

There is a man in Amber’s life, and he is locked up as well. Their conversation is surface-level, but they exchange I love yous. This revelation brings more questions than answers, especially with her living situation and the relationship Puppy wants to have.

What does Puppy want with Amber?

Also in the clip, Puppy is seen talking about her expectations, or rather, hopes, about what she and Amber could be.

It was very clear during the release episode that Puppy wanted things to be the same with Amber. She was looking forward to being with her girlfriend, but the reaction that she got wasn’t what she expected.

As she opens up to Kathy, it is clear that Puppy wants more than just a friendship with Amber but she is definitely feeling the vibes that her desires may not be matched.

How will Puppy react when she learns about the man in Amber’s life? What will happen to Amber’s living situation? Can she comfortably remain at Kathy’s house?

To find out how everything plays out, be sure to tune into the all-new episode this week.

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on We TV.

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