Life After Lockup exclusive: Amber picks up Puppy on release day

Amber and Puppy on Life After Lockup.
Amber picks up Puppy on release day. Pic credit: We TV

Life After Lockup is pulling out all of the stops when it comes to Amber and Puppy.

Viewers saw as Amber was there for her mother’s release, and now, she will be there for Puppy’s too.

Things are about to get real for Amber. She has spent a long time getting her life on the right path, and now, she has to worry about her mom and her best friend as they are both readjusting to life on the straight and narrow path.

Puppy’s release

Last week on Life After Lockup, Amber got the news that her friend Puppy was set to be released within days. She has been staying with Puppy’s mom and they celebrated as the news came.

There is a lot to deal with. Amber and Puppy were more than friends while in prison, and now, that situation is going to become a topic of conversation. Puppy’s mom addressed that last week, and now, it looks like it will be addressed this week too.

In this exclusive Life After Lockup clip, Amber goes to pick up Puppy. She is excited about this moment and so is her best friend.

As the women are reunited, it is clear that Puppy is expecting this relationship to be more outside of prison. In fact, in the confessional, she made it seem like the romance and attraction was still there, but Amber may have other plans.

What’s next for Amber and Puppy?

During a confessional, Amber has confirmed she has no intentions of going back to prison. She has really tried hard to keep the straight life working for her, and so far, it has.

Now, she is going to be running with her mom and Puppy, both of whom spent more time behind bars than her.

The trailer for Life After Lockup showed Puppy and Amber getting in contact with Vince. He was the one with who Amber was supposed to build a life and the one she appeared on Love After Lockup with.

There were some very crossed wires, and as more information was spilled, the more Amber knew it wouldn’t work. So, she cut it off. Vince adopted Puppy, and now, she is going to call him to get her share of what she thinks is hers.

To see how it all plays out, be sure to tune in each week.

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on We TV.

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