Kylie Jenner is still pregnant, pouty, and flaunting huge baby bump following Travis Scott’s social media return

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner is back on social media and still sporting a baby bump. Pic credit: © News Wire

Kylie Jenner is back on Instagram and she’s making it clear that all those rumors about her already having her second baby are false.

The Kylie Cosmetics boss took to her Instagram stories on New Year’s Day to share some fresh content with her fans, who have been waiting for her to return after the tragedy that was Astroworld more than eight weeks ago.

In the time she’s been gone, Kylie has dealt with plenty of rumors about herself, her love life, and even whether or not she had her baby.

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Kardashian fans have been scouring the social media shares of everyone around her, looking for clues about her new baby and even though Kylie is finally showing up and showing off her large baby bump, many believed she had already given birth.

Kylie Jenner puts birth rumors to rest

Without saying a single word, Kylie Jenner made it clear that she’s very pregnant still and spent the holidays that way despite a baby bottle clue found in one of Travis Barker’s holiday posts.

Screenshot from Kylie Jenner IG Stories
Pic credit: @kyliejennerInstagram

Another round of rumors started when the makeup mogul’s new manicure was shown off. It was fresh and short, making many Kylie fans believe she must have gone for shorter nails because she was caring for her new baby already.

Screenshot from Kylie Jenner IG Stories
Pic credit: @kyliejenner/Instagram

In the short video she shared to her Instagram stories, Kylie starts off looking pouty and sad as she poses with a fingerless-gloved hand resting on her chin. Then, the camera angle changes and we can see a full-body shot of Kylie wearing a full-length, brown coat over a skintight bodysuit that hugs every curve, including Kylie’s prominent baby bump.

Screenshot from Kylie Jenner IG Stories
Pic credit: @kyliejenner/Instagram

Kylie leans back against a wall in the video before standing up and opening her coat to display her full belly.

This is the most we’ve seen of Kylie in months and the most she’s ever shown off during either of her pregnancies.

Screenshot from Kylie Jenner IG Stories
Pic credit: @kyliejenner/Instagram

Travis Scott is also back on social media

Having Kylie Jenner back on Instagram is a treat and now, Travis Scott is sharing on social media again too.

In what very well could have been a timed return for the couple, Travis has also made his Instagram return after eight weeks of silence following the 10 deaths at his Astroworld Festival in Houston.

Travis took to the social media site first with a picture of his own face looking pensive. He captioned the photo, “Always ?.”

Travis’s second Instagram share was another photo of himself, this time a full-body shot of him sitting down, looking straight at the camera. He captioned that photo with a series of cactus emojis.

And now, Travis has returned, this time to his Instagram stories, to show off an adorable photo of his daughter with Kylie Jenner. In the photo, Stormi is looking all grown up in a knee-length coat and black boots. Her hair is pulled back in braids and she has a red visor on.

Screenshots from Travis Scott's IG stories.
Pic credit: @travisscott/Instagram

Travis Scott’s Instagram comments are wide open while Kylie Jenner’s are still restricted. It looks like both Travis and Kylie are back on Instagram though and are ready to get back in the spotlight in 2022.

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