Kourtney Kardashian’s children weren’t at her wedding after being excluded from proposal

Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian’s kids were not at her recent wedding at the Santa Barbara courthouse after being excluded from Travis Barker proposal. Pic credit: ©

Kourtney Kardashian’s kids, Mason, 12, Penelope, 9, and Reign, 7, were apparently not at her surprise wedding to Travis Barker on May 15, once again missing out on a big moment for their mom.

The Kardashians star and the Blink 182 drummer tied the knot at the courthouse in Santa Barbara. It appeared the only member of the Kardashian-Jenner family in attendance was Kourtney’s grandmother, Mary Jo “MJ” Campbell.

Scott Disick posted videos of his children on Instagram the same day Kourtney got married

On the same day, Scott Disick was seen on Instagram spending time with the children, playing in the pool, and having a lovely time outside.

It was apparent confirmation that he and Kourtney’s kids were also not in attendance at the courthouse nuptials.

It’s unclear if Scott posted the videos on purpose to make Kourtney look bad.

In a video posted to Scott’s Instagram stories, his son, Reign, is seen jumping into a pool in slow motion on a beautiful sunny day.

Scott Disick's son plays in the pool
Kourtney and Scott’s son Reign was shown jumping into a pool. Pic credit: @letthelordbewithyou/Instagram

Reign is also shown in the following story, lounging on a sunbed and soaking up the sun. Scott captioned the picture, “Living the dream.”

Scott Disick's son lounges by the pool
Kourtney and Scott’s son Reign lounges by the pool. Pic credit: @letthelordbewith you/Instagram

His other two children were shown in the next video, which took place at night, play fighting. He captioned the video, “Pushin P.”

Scott's children Mason and Penelope playing
Kourtney and Scott’s children Penelope and Mason play fight. Pic credit: @letthelordbewith you/Instagram

Kourtney’s children were not included in Travis Barker’s proposal

On a recent episode of The Kardashians, it was revealed that Kourtney’s children were also not present at Travis’ beachside proposal, despite the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and Travis’ own children attending a dinner party afterward.

Kourtney was seen talking to her daughter Penelope on the phone, who ended up in tears at missing the big moment.

At first, Kourtney was nervous about telling them but felt it was necessary to come from her first, saying, “How do I tell my kids? I feel like I need to tell them now, ’cause they will see it on the Internet.”

Kourtney’s daughter Penelope was in tears over missing the big moment

After seeing missed calls from her daughter, Kourtney called her and said, “How’s my girl? Do you want to know what my surprise was?”

When her daughter asked, she responded, “We got engaged,” and held up her ring.

Rather than being happy and all smiles, Penelope broke down in tears in a heartbreaking moment and hung up on her mom.

Kourtney later claimed during a confessional, “I do wish that my kids were here,” with viewers seeing that it was actually mom Kris who made the final call.

Kourtney and Travis got married in Las Vegas

It’s the second time Kourtney and Travis have gotten married, though the first time was a “practice” ceremony in Las Vegas that was not legally binding.

An inside source told Us Weekly that the pair will have a third wedding ceremony in Italy “in the near future,” and it’s assumed they will invite all their friends and family, including Kourtney’s kids. No word on whether Scott will be invited, though.

The Kardashians airs Thursdays on Hulu.

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