Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West has built her own quarantine fort amid coronavirus scare

North West pictured in New York City. The six-year-old has been keeping busy during the coronavirus crisis. Pic Credit: ©
Kim Kardashian’s daughter North has been keeping busy during the coronavirus crisis Pic credit: ©

While the world battles the novel coronavirus, North West has been doing her part by building her very own quarantine fort.

The fort is complete with an isolation unit for her Kim Kardashian and Kanye West dolls.

Kim took to Instagram at the weekend to share a video of her eldest daughter’s homemade dollhouse, which she described as the “ultimate fort.”

North West’s coronavirus fort

The 39-year-old reality star gave her 163 million followers a tour of North’s DIY quarantine unit, which she built using Amazon boxes and a taped grey fabric roof.

“North West” was proudly taped above the entrance.

Kim walked around the playroom, carrying her youngest child, 10-month-old Psalm. She explained her daughter’s series of elaborate cardboard buildings included a special place for her Kanye and Kim dolls.

“North and her houses,” Kim said, moving the camera around to show off her daughter’s construction skills. “She made a quarantined section for Kim and Kanye.”

It wasn’t just North that was having fun hiding in the cardboard houses either.

“Oh, I see you hanging out there,” Kim said in her Instagram video as two-year-old Chicago popped out from the other end of the fort.

“Let’s go see what’s in here,” Kim continued as she lifted the sheet and opened a cardboard flap to peer inside, causing an excited North to call out, “Mommy’s coming inside!”

North’s carefully built quarantine section was a small yet artfully decorated room, and inside, she placed two lookalike dolls named after her mom and dad.

There was a mini Kim Kardashian, dressed in a leather skirt and leopard print top, and a mini Kanye West decked out in the rapper’s trademark white tee.

The Kimye dolls were seen sitting propped up at a table in their cardboard quarantine, enjoying a romantic bottle of hand sanitizer.

North had been kind enough to tastefully deck the tiny quarantine house with a few home comforts – a small pillow, a book, a few flowers, and even a drawn portrait of some cherries.

The six-year-old also cut out windows in the fort, so her quarantined Kim and Kayne dolls could enjoy a view of the outside world while self-isolating.

This is a nice change for Kim Kardashian, who previously posted a theory on Twitter that horror author Dean Koontz predicted coronavirus years ago.

She also expressed fears about her own family, following a Khloe Kardashian cough.

North West made her rap debut at Paris Fashion Week

House building isn’t the only skill that North has been showing off recently. Earlier this month, the talented tot made her rap debut at Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 8 Fashion Show.

North took to the stage in Paris to close out the show with an energetic performance of ZaZa’s What I Do?’ much to her dad’s delight.

Looking entirely unfazed by the audience, the six-year-old rapped confidently into the mic as a series of Yeezy models walked the catwalk, and a very proud Kanye looked on.

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