Kim Kardashian debuts new hairstyle that immediately backfires: ‘Basket Head, but make it fashion’

Kim Kardashian taking a mirror selfie on her cell phone.
Kim Kardashian’s braid debut was woven with disaster. Pic credit: @kimkardashian/Instagram

The Kardashians fans are expressing their concern for Kim Kardashian after she channeled her inner wicker basket on Instagram.

Kim created a brand through aesthetics. In the heyday of her fame, she was known for her long, raven hair, lip gloss, and a derriere that wouldn’t quit.

Over the years, fans have watched as she reinvents her style, sometimes with the help of a celebrity’s hand-me-downs.

As Kim’s life changes, so do the SKIMS founder’s hair preferences. While she was once known for her dark hair, she recently started going blonde and seemingly having too much fun.

In an Instagram post, Kim flaunted a new hairdo that redefined the term “weave.”

The look was so off-brand for Kimmy that fans begged her to blink twice if she felt safe. Kim Kardashian debuted a blonde braided hairstyle on Instagram

Kim Kardashian debuted a blonde braided hairstyle

While many didn’t bat an eye when Kim began posting herself with blonde hair again, one of her looks with the platinum blonde tresses got some extra attention.

She posted several photos of herself wearing a cream athleisure tank top and stretchy pants paired with matching heels. The outfit appeared to be one of SKIMS’ finest.

Kim opted for a bare-faced look and a nude outfit, and her hair was woven into large squares with twists down to the ends of her hair. She looked deeply into the camera in the photos as she sat on the ground. Kim tagged her longtime hairstylist, Chris Appleton, who created the hairstyle.

Fans compared Kim Kardashian to a ‘basket’ and a ‘founding father’ after seeing her braided look

It’s likely that Kim didn’t realize her hairstyle would be so ill-received. Instead of posting a clever caption (or one that describes what she’s wearing like the rest of us), she left the post captionless. 

Although Kim didn’t discuss her thoughts about the hairstyle, many commenters had no problem telling her how much they hated it.

Many compared the look to a wicker basket, with one user saying she modeled a fashionable “Basket Head.”

An Instagram user mocking Kim Kardashian's hairstyle
Pic credit: @kimkardashian/Instagram

Several other users shared how Kim looked more like a “founding father” than a basket, comparing her hair to the wigs that early presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were pictured wearing.

An Instagram user comparing Kim Kardashian's hair to a "founding father"
Pic credit: @kimkardashian/Instagram

Several users defended Kim and her creative eye throughout the basket and presidential cracks.

Some scolded those who made fun of her and felt she was the same trendsetter she had been for nearly two decades.

The Kardashians airs on Thursdays on Hulu.

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25 days ago

I love it, both the weaving and the color!