Kim Kardashian reveals exactly which outfit she styled that prompted Kanye West to say her career was over

Kim Kardashian reveals which outfit she styled herself that Kanye thought would end her career.
Kim K revealed which outfit she styled herself that Kanye thought would end her career. Pic credit: Hulu

Kim Kardashian, star of the Kardashians, has recently revealed which outfit Kanye deemed would ruin her career.

As many viewers know, Kim is trying to find herself and who she is separately from Kanye, which includes styling her wardrobe.

Kanye dissed Kim’s outfit, compared it to Marge Simpson

In a recent The Kardashians episode, fans saw Kim scrambling around to create looks for multiple occasions.

While Kim was trying to create a new look for the night, she dived in and got vulnerable about the outfit that Kanye told her would ruin her career.

Kim mentioned that Kanye had sent her a photo of Marge Simpson wearing something similar and said that the outfit would ruin her career.

The outfit he was referring to was a form-fitting brown leather dress.

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Kim has said on multiple occasions that the only hold that Kanye still had over her was helping her with her style. 

Kim called in reinforcement for moral support 

While Kim was getting dressed, she had Scott Disick there as moral support.

She said that Scott made her laugh, and she wanted some form of moral support because it was a challenging time, so she needed a distraction.

While Kim was trying on different looks, she also revealed that she was not confident in her syling capabilities at times. 

Kim revealed that she has always liked fashion; however, she has never been a fashion creator. 

Kim’s venting and vulnerability made Scott realize that everyone has their struggles and that it was nice to know that someone like Kim also struggled with self-esteem from time to time. 

Kim is trying to gain her independence back

Kim revealed just how controlling Kanye was with her style. She revealed that he would tell her how she should do her hair and makeup and wear her clothes, and she would go with whatever he had to say. 

However, with Kim trying to become more independent with her looks, she has found it challenging to be the visionary at times. 

Kim also mentioned that she wanted to find out who she was by herself, as she has always been a part of “The Kardashians” with her sisters, then it was “Kimye” with Kanye, so she has never really had time to figure out who she was, and what she liked, within herself. 

Kim said that she did not want to be known for the woman she was twenty years ago, who made a sex tape with her boyfriend at the time but instead wanted to be known for the woman she is now and the woman she will be in the future. 

The Kardashians airs Thursdays on Hulu

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