Khloe Kardashian posts about being ‘stronger’ following Tristan Thompson breakup and paternity lawsuit

Khloe Kardashian smiling at a Good American event.
Khloe Kardashian wants a ‘kinder’ new year. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/StarMaxWorldwide

As Tristan Thompson’s paternity drama continues, Khloe Kardashian hopes for a better 2022.

The Good American CEO and the Sacramento Kings player ended their relationship once more in June 2021. Several months later, Maralee Nichols claimed Thompson fathered her newborn child. On Dec. 1, 2021, the fitness model gave birth to a baby boy.

Since the paternity case, Kardashian hasn’t addressed Thompson’s scandal publicly. However, she reposted a reflective message about her recent issues via Instagram. 

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Khloe Kardashian shared a cryptic message about her year with Tristan Thompson

In December 2021, Kardashian posted a quote to her Instagram Stories. The message from R.H. Sin spoke on how “unkind” 2021 has been for some women.

“To the woman who believed that this year would be a year of peace and genuine love, I’m sorry that these days, weeks, and months have been so unkind to you,” the post read. “I know it may not feel like it at times, but you are magic.” 

During the rest of the post, the author added a hopeful message for the new year and how their endurance will make for brighter days moving forward. 

“You are what happens when a dream decides to go to war with nightmares … A beautiful moment of life deciding to continue onward even through hellfire,” the post continued. “I hope you’re reading this right now; I long to reach you. I hope you know that inside lives everything you’ve always needed and that you have always been more than enough, even when others decide to overlook you.” 

“I hope this next year is kinder to you,” the post added, ending with “I hope you continue to fight for all that you deserve. I know it hasn’t been easy, but I like to think that you are stronger than you’ve ever been.” 

Khloe Kardashian wants Tristan Thompson to make his alleged baby with Maralee Nichols a ‘priority’

In June, Kardashian confirmed that she and Thompson reunited romantically on the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion. The parents of True Thompson broke up in February 2019 after he allegedly kissed Jordyn Woods. Although Kardashian wanted to give Thompson another chance after the public scandal, his affair with Nichols was too much. 

Maralee Nichols Speaks Out on Tristan Thompson Relationship | E! News

During his court declaration, the NBA star confirmed he had a “casual sex relationship” with Nichols from December 2020 until his birthday in March 2021. He and Kardashian were still together and celebrated his special day later in the week. While her ex’s actions hurt her, the Revenge Body star reportedly wants Thompson and Nichols to sort their issues out in private. 

“Khloé hopes that Tristan and Maralee figure out their co-parenting duties in private if he is the father,” a source shared. “She does hope that they make their [alleged] baby the priority and that Tristan and Maralee put everything else aside and concentrate on what’s best for their [alleged] son … The last thing Khloé wants to do is add any more fuel to the fire regarding all the drama surrounding Tristan and [Maralee].”

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