Khloe Kardashian haters beg her to introduce her kids to Tristan Thompson’s son, Theo

Khloe Kardashian smiling for a selfie.
Khloe’s candid photo with her kids reminded fans of Tristan Thompson’s betrayal. Pic Credit: @khloekardashian/Instagram

Khloe Kardashian can’t even take a candid photo with her little ones without someone mentioning her ex, Tristan Thompson’s bad behavior

Throughout her and her family’s chokehold on reality TV and entertainment, Khloe has had her fair share of dating disasters. But her and Tristan’s relationship will never go away, at least in some capacity. 

The pair, who began dating (for the first time) in 2016, have two children, True and Tatum Thompson.

And though they’ve tried to make their romance work, Khloe seems perfectly fine with their current relationship as co-parents after finally getting over his years of heartbreak.

The heartbreak included two public cheating scandals, one of which resulted in the birth of his son with Maralee Nichols, Theo Thompson.

Theo, born in December 2021, is only a few months older than Khloe and Tristan’s youngest, born in August 2022.

However, The Kardashians star hasn’t embraced him enough, at least in Instagram commenters’ eyes. 

Khloe Kardashian posted a photo of her cuddling with her kids, True and Tatum Thompson

When Khloe isn’t using Instagram to post workouts or a Good American drop, fans have become accustomed to seeing her offer moments of her reality as a mom of two.

In June 2024, she shared a candid photo of her enjoying some snuggle time with her two greatest loves.

In the Instagram snap, Khloe, True, and Tatum were relaxing on the floor in one of their many rooms. The floor picture included Khloe wearing a brown sweater while True rocked a tie-dye tank top.

Tatum sat down on Khloe in cartoon PJs. Khloe posed with duck lips as Tatum and True smiled for the camera. Khloe captioned the snapshot with a heart emoji, signifying her love for her little family.

Khloe’s Instagram commenters suggested she’s keeping her kids away from Tristan’s son, Theo

Khloe’s Instagram post of True and Tatum was shared on her account one day before Father’s Day 2024, on Sunday, June 16.  In honor of the holiday, some fans used her post to remind Khloe that True and Tatum’s father, Tristan, is wealthy in the parenting department.

Underneath her Instagram post, one user mentioned that Khloe hasn’t posted any photos of her with her kids’ other brother, Theo. One user scolded her for seemingly keeping the kids away from Tristan’s youngest on purpose.

An Instagram commenter discussing Khloe not including Tristan Thompson's son, Theo, in her Instagram post.
One user discussed Tristan Thompson’s son, Theo. Pic Credit: @khloekardashian/Instagram

“It’s a pity,” the user said. “Didn’t you want them to see Theo?”

Another user expressed similar feelings about Khloe, stating that she doesn’t acknowledge Tristan’s eldest son, Prince, whom he shares with Jordan Craig. The NBA star began dating Khloe shortly after Jordan gave birth to their son.

An Instagram user commenting about Khloe Kardashian ignoring Tristan Thompson's son, Prince.
This Instagram user says Khloe ignores all of Tristan’s other kids. Pic Credit: @khloekardashian/Instagram

“She rarely acknowledges Prince, and he was first before hers came along,” the user noted. “Heck, he was there when she started dating his daddy.”

Several of Khloe’s fans defended her in the comments, stating Tristan’s relationship with Maralee and Theo isn’t her nor her kids’ business.

Despite the negative feedback her photo received, she received support from others who thought her family photo was adorable.

Instagram commenter discussing Khloe Kardashian and her babies.
This Instagram commenter has nothing but love for Khloe and her babies. Pic Credit: @khloekardashian/Instagram

“Cuties!” another exclaimed. “All three of you. So glad you have your babies, Khloé.”

Many also noticed that Khloe and Tristan’s kids are practically their twins.

A user saying True Thompson looks like Tristan Thompson and Tatum Thompson looks like Khloe Kardashian
A user thinks Khloe’s kids looks like their parents. Pic Credit: @khloekardashian/Instagram

“True is Tristan’s twin and Tatum is Khloe’s twin,” one commenter wrote.

The Kardashians airs new episodes on Thursdays on Hulu.

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16 days ago

Khloe! Let people talk. Have the thought that maybe Theo’s mama, doesn’t want them to meet his brother and sister. I have faith in you, and I know when the time is right, you will do the right thing. You have a beautiful family.

3 days ago

What a mess the children will follow the money not who there siblings are