Kenya Moore defends Drew Sidora, calls out Ralph Pittman’s terrible treatment

Kenya Drew Ralph
Kenya Moore defends Drew Sidora against husband Ralph’s verbal attacks. Pic credit: Bravo

Drew Sidora is officially in her second season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her first season focused on her marriage to her husband, Ralph Pittman, and the ups and downs they experienced as a couple and parents. Ralph quickly became one of the most hated husbands in Real Housewives history. But Drew and Ralph have been very transparent about their rocky marriage from the moment they were introduced to the show.

This season involved a scandal between Ralph, his assistant, and a massage. It was alleged that Ralph was texting his assistant and that the assistant was offering massages. Drew and viewers thought this was too shady, considering she did not understand why Ralph’s assistant would be offering up massages if the two were solely on a business-level relationship. 

But now, Drew has a surprising ally – Kenya Moore. Kenya is stepping up for her former enemy during a trip to NYC, letting Ralph know how inappropriate his behavior is towards Drew and even comparing Ralph to her ex.

Kenya said Ralph is ‘gaslighting’ his wife, Drew

The cast took a couples trip to New York City to attend Kandi’s new Broadway show, Thoughts of a Colored Man. Kandi treated the women to dinner out, along with their husbands, and it ended up being another battle between Drew and Ralph, which ended up with everyone getting involved. Kenya took Ralph’s behavior personally, and it hit a little too close to home for her.

“If my husband said that to me, I would flip this table over because that is so disrespectful,” Kenya said to Ralph. “You’re basically saying that she’s lying and how it happened was not how it happened. That would piss me the f**k off if somebody said that to me to my face, especially if I’m hurting. Do you not understand that? You’re tearing her down.” She also used the word gaslighting, which has been a running theme since the start of this season between Drew and Ralph.

Kenya gets heated because this brings her back to her marriage to her ex-husband, Marc Daly. “Ralph, you remind me so much of Marc; it’s crazy,” Kenya admitted. “She doesn’t want to feel invalidated. She doesn’t want to say something, and you get defensive, and you say, ‘You’re crazy for thinking that.’ I have seen the way he speaks to her, and it reminds me of times when Marc would speak to me like that,” she said to the group.

Kenya stood strong for her former foe in a confessional when she said, “I’m trying to see Drew for who she is, and what I can see is somebody who is really hurt.”

Drew was appreciative of the support of a possible new friend. She said of Ms. Moore, “Kenya’s actually communicating exactly how I feel. I hope Ralph really hears. He could be doing some of the same things she experienced with Marc. And you see where they ended up.” Kenya’s words obviously meant a lot to Drew, and this might be a fresh start for the ladies.

Drew has said she is committed to fixing her marriage

Drew has openly admitted that her marriage is not easy, and there have been multiple times that she’s considered a divorce. She also revealed that the couple had been in therapy since the beginning of their marriage. She even left Ralph briefly when she took the kids to Chicago to get some time away from the stress of her marriage.

She constantly defends her husband on social media and lets fans know that she is committed to her marriage and doing the work to make it work. Some fans think Drew chooses to be blind to her reality and not see Ralph for who he truly is. 

Although it seems like Drew is the only one in the relationship who wants to work things out, only time will tell if the two are capable of staying together for the long run, even when they are faced with challenges.

Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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