Katie Thurston weighs in as The Bachelorette viewers call for Andrew Spencer to be the next Bachelor

Andrew Spencer has a serious expression during the rose ceremony
Katie and Bachelor Nation want to see more of Andrew Spencer. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette Season 17 has provided plenty of emotional breakups for Katie so far, and perhaps her most dramatic goodbye came from Andrew Spencer. Katie and Andrew’s split was heartbreaking both for them and for fans, who adore Andrew and hope he will be on their screens again in the near future. 

Andrew’s elimination led to fans passionately voicing their desire to see Andrew return as the next Bachelor. Never one to mince her words, Katie Thurston also took to social media to make it crystal clear where she stands regarding who should be the next Bachelor. 

Katie Thurston gives Andrew S. a big endorsement

Katie and Andrew developed deep and genuine feelings for one another this season, to the point that Katie second-guessed sending him home and offered for Andrew to stay a bit longer. Ultimately, Andrew decided to walk away after one last intimate kiss with Katie. 

Once fans learned that Andrew was single, some expressed wanting him for themselves, similar to Chelsea Vaughn from Matt James’ season who tweeted her interest in Andrew in the past. Meanwhile, a large majority of supporters called for Andrew to be the next Bachelor and clearly, Katie agrees with the fans. 

On Andrew’s latest post lamenting on his experiences and gratitude for Katie, Katie commented with the telling and supportive hashtag, “AndrewforBachelor”. 

The comment received tons of likes and comments cosigning Katie’s call for Andrew to be The Bachelor franchises’ next leading man. 

Katie's #AndrewforBachelor comment
Katie joins fans in putting her support behind Andrew. Pic credit: @thekatiethurston/Instagram

Katie endorsing Andrew speaks to how she truly believes in him and his stellar qualities even though he wasn’t the one for her. The hashtag suggests that she hopes Andrew can find love on the show after their amicable split and that, of all the contenders for Bachelor, she feels Andrew would be the best.

Andrew’s classy goodbye makes fans love him even more 

On the heartfelt post Katie commented on, Andrew continued to carry himself with class after his surprising and emotional exit from The Bachelorette. 

Andrew shared that his hope was to touch hearts with his “joyful love” while on the show. Andrew also hoped that he helped improve the way Black men on the show are viewed, which many fans felt he did when he chose to directly address interracial dating with Katie rather than push it under the rug. 

According to Andrew, his relationship with Katie was a real and authentic romance and he used his caption to thank Katie for affirming him and for encouraging all the men to be more vulnerable than men are typically allowed to be. Andrew concluded the post with a humorous request to Bachelor Nation, asking them to finally drop the “S” from “Andrew S” now that he’s no longer on the show. 

Andrew’s post excellently captured all the reasons why he could potentially make a great Bachelor because his message showed off his humor, honesty, and heartwarming side too. 

While there have been a few different men that fans have expressed wanting to see star as the next Bachelor, Andrew certainly appears to be at the top of the list for not just fans but even his former love and current Bachelorette, Katie Thurston. 

With clear support from Katie herself, perhaps the odds are in Andrew’s favor when it comes to being named the next Bachelor and, even though Andrew acknowledges he is not a perfect man, fans and Katie feel confident he’d be the perfect Bachelor. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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