Andrew Spencer writes a heartfelt message to Katie Thurston and fans following Bachelorette exit

Andrew Spencer
Andrew Spencer had nothing but kind words for Katie Thurston after his Bachelorette exit, even after their heart-wrenching breakup. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star and fan-favorite Andrew Spencer was sent home during the most recent episode.

Many viewers were heartbroken by Andrew’s exit. Andrew made it all the way to the rose ceremony, unlike Mike P and Brendan who were sent home earlier in the episode.

However, Greg Grippo and Michael Allio walked into the rose ceremony with roses and Katie only had two more to give out, which went to Blake Moynes and Justin Glaze.

Andrew and Katie were both distraught by his exit. She told him this was the first time she wasn’t sure if she made the right decision in sending him home.

Andrew came back the day after the rose ceremony so he could say goodbye and give her closure on a lighter note.

He left her a note and said he’d be waiting if she changed her mind. Even though she ran after him and asked if he wanted to “stay a little longer,” he said he didn’t want to stick around just to not be chosen and sent home again.

Andrew is thankful for his time on The Bachelorette

Despite the sad tone of his exit, Andrew reflected on his experience in a positive light.

He uploaded an Instagram post honoring his time on the show. The first picture was his bio picture, featuring him posing on a rooftop.

The rest of the post showed highlights from his time on the show including his entrance, eating tacos with Katie, and kissing Katie during their romantic one-on-one date.

He started off the caption of his post addressing his fans.

“Thankful to be able to put smiles on faces and share a variety of different feels to you all,” he wrote. “I’ve never claimed to be a perfect man nor do i expect to win everyone’s approval. I only seek to touch the hearts of few with my life experiences and joyful love.”

Andrew left kind words for Katie

Additionally, Andrew had nothing but kind words for Katie, even after their heartbreaking breakup.

“Katie thank you for reassuring my belief in love,” he stated. “Your strength as a woman set the tone for 30 men to be open and vulnerable something not easily done for men”

He addressed some of the heartfelt moments they shared.

“You and I shared many real conversations coupled with real romance that sparked discussions in living rooms and left some smitten over our connection,” he continued.

In typical Andrew fashion, he ended his message to Katie in a witty way, referencing the cheesy British accent he put on when he first met her.

“So lastly (British voice) Hello love, i am truly thankful for you allowing me to experience your type of love,” he concluded.

He also jokingly pleaded with fans to stop calling him “Andrew S” and to just stick with “Andrew.”

For now, fans can just hope to see Andrew again if he’s selected to be the next Bachelor lead.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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