Andrew S for Bachelor? The Bachelorette viewers beg for him to be the next lead after Katie Thurston sendoff

Andrew Spencer stands outside with a sad expression
Andrew’s love story comes to a tearful end, but viewers hope to see him again. Pic credit: ABC

Katie Thurston has had to send home more and more fan favorites as her season gets down to the wire. Her most recent breakup with Andrew Spencer has fans heartbroken and eager to see him return to the franchise in an even more prominent role. 

Andrew won fans over with his smile, humor, and willingness to be candid about race and identity, leading viewers to often sing his praises on social media. 

Now, Andrew’s dramatic exit has Bachelor Nation being vocal about wanting Andrew to be the next Bachelor. 

Andrew Spencer’s exit proves he’s Bachelor material 

According to fans, Andrew didn’t just say a heartfelt goodbye to Katie, he also made a great case for why he would make the perfect Bachelor in his final moments of the episode.

Plenty of people tagged The Bachelor directly and begged with “pleases” and “thank you’s” for Andrew S to be the next Bachelor. Meanwhile, others enlisted Bachelor Nation to use their voice to make it loud and clear that the fan base wants Andrew S to get a second chance at love on the show. 

Some fans expressed feeling extremely confident that Andrew Spencer will be the next Bachelor, especially considering he has many of the signature attributes that the show typically looks for. 

One commenter felt that Andrew’s exit was his “audition” to be the Bachelor and that he conducted himself well enough to be selected as the show’s next leading man. 

After watching Katie and Andrew’s tough breakup, viewers also made their own theories as to why Katie would send Andrew home when they appeared to have such a solid chemistry. 

One fan speculated that Katie knew she wasn’t going to pick Andrew due to her strong feelings for another contestant; therefore, she sent Andrew home in order to give him time to be a real contender for the next season of The Bachelor. 

Andrew’s sendoff defies spoilers 

Andrew Spencer’s exit before hometowns came as a shock, especially because there had previously been spoilers from credible sources that claimed Andrew would almost certainly make Katie’s top four

Interestingly Katie recently warned fans to not trust every spoiler they hear and alluded to the season having more surprises in store. It seems Katie’s warning was spot on.

Andrew S appeared to have all the qualities to go the distance with Katie but, with their love story taking an unexpected turn, fans hope the show will acknowledge that Andrew S also has all the qualities to be the next Bachelor. 

It’s clear Andrew’s charm made a lasting impression and perhaps the viewers’ wishes will be granted when the series eventually announces the next Bachelor. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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