The Bachelorette viewers are in love with Andrew S after his ‘real’ conversation with Katie Thurston about future kids

Andrew S looks at Katie with a serious expression
Andrew S gets candid about race during his date with Katie. Pic credit: ABC

Andrew S has been one of the stand out contestants on this season of The Bachelorette both for Katie and for viewers, who are charmed by his smile, positive spirit, and stance on tacos.

This week Andrew S got to go on the coveted one-on-one date with Katie and he used his time to open up about the hurts from his past and address what it would mean for him and Katie to be in an interracial relationship. Witnessing their honest conversation just made fans adore Andrew even more.

Andrew discusses having biracial kids with Katie 

After going on a cute date and answering questions hanging from envelopes or hidden in hearts, Andrew and Katie went to dinner and decided to take their conversation and their relationship to a deeper level. 

Andrew brought up that he is a Black man and Katie is a white woman and how their relationship may face opposition. He shared that he was hurt from a past relationship with a white woman who was concerned about having biracial kids with Andrew, considering their kids would likely look more Black like Andrew.

This rejection was difficult for Andrew and he wanted to gauge how Katie truly felt about being with a Black man and potentially having biracial kids. 

Katie teared up before giving her response, feeling upset for Andrew and his disappointing experience. She told Andrew that she doesn’t have any issue with their racial differences and believed that the two would have beautiful kids together. 

Katie assured Andrew she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of their love and acknowledged that she may have some naivety as a white woman when it comes to understanding a Black man’s experience in America, but based on the way she grew up she feels completely open to exploring love with Andrew and starting a family with him if they decide to marry.

Fans express their support for Andrew S 

Andrew was relieved to hear Katie be so supportive and quell his fears of biracial children being an issue for the two. Fans also found this conversation to be a refreshing change of pace for a series that has struggled to truly be diverse and inclusive.

Many people admitted feeling emotional upon hearing this candid conversation between Andrew and Katie. 

After years of the show ignoring and mishandling race, viewers expressed their appreciation for the show airing this conversation rather than continuing in the pattern of dismissing and overlooking these topics.

A tweet praising the show for not brushing race under the rug
Fans find it refreshing to see interracial love finally be addressed on the show. Pic credit: @ksthoughtss/Twitter

Viewers also sang Andrew’s praises while throwing shade at the first Black Bachelor, Matt James. Fans felt proud of Andrew for bringing up interracial dating whereas Matt faced more scrutiny for being less transparent about his inner thoughts on race and his desire for an interracial relationship. 

A tweet fires shots at Matt James and his handling of race
A viewer throws shade at Matt James. Pic credit: @8driii/Twitter

The topic of race within The Bachelor franchise has been greatly discussed over the last few seasons, particularly from the first Black Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay who has used her platform to be outspoken about the ways in which The Bachelor franchise and fandom has a long way to go in terms of progressiveness. 

Andrew S being willing to directly address race and interracial relationships on-air could serve as a baby step towards the show featuring more candid discussions on race and identity. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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