Bachelorette fans fall in love with Andrew Spencer for his stance on tacos and Thomas drama

Andrew Spencer and Katie Thurston film for The Bachelorette
Bachelorette fans are rallying around Andrew Spencer after he tried to shut down the Thomas drama and win over Katie. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelorette fans are swooning over Andrew Spencer after he wooed Katie Thurston with one of her favorite meals and tried to shut down the unnecessary drama.

Katie put her men through a truth or dare group date that ended up being more fun for the men than expected.

Fans were wooed when Andrew whispered sweet nothings in her “ear” with his faux British accent.

Once the date wrapped, he pulled through once again by providing Katie with her version of a romantic meal — Taco Bell and candy.

Viewers were begging for the universe to bring them their own Andrew and commended him for his creative efforts.

“Andrew knows the way to a girl’s heart!” One viewer exclaimed with a picture of Andrew’s laidback charcuterie board.


Andrew tries to shut down Thomas drama

Andrew won viewers over in yet another moment when Tre contemplated bringing up the Thomas drama to Katie.

The contestants still were reeling over Thomas confessing he initially came onto The Bachelorette for fame and potentially be The Bachelor.

Even though Thomas said he has since developed feelings for Katie, the men still feel like he’s there for the wrong reasons.

Tre wanted to use his one-on-one time during the group date to warn Katie about Thomas. However, Thomas had already shared this with Katie, and Andrew expressed that Tre shouldn’t waste his time with Katie talking about someone else.

Andrew also stated that he didn’t want to ruin Katie’s good mood from the group date and that she was strong enough to handle the situation without the other men meddling.

While fans were split, many sided with Andrew and thought Tre should drop the Thomas drama.

“Andrew S. don’t need to get into the drama, he knows Katie is a strong and smart woman who knows how to handle a situation and her men,” one fan wrote.

“Andrew S. trusting Katie’s judgement enough to let her figure out Thomas is wack instead of ambushing her with drama in the middle of a nice evening,” another tweeted along with a gif.

Fans think Andrew should have gotten the group date rose

Ultimately, Tre decided to talk to Katie about Thomas. She thanked Tre for sharing the info with her and even gave him the group date rose.

Viewers were heated that Tre got the rose after tattling on Thomas. While Andrew agreed that Thomas isn’t a good guy, he didn’t think Tre should’ve been a “Buzz Killington” by bringing it up.

One viewer, tweeted. “I still agree with Andrew, ‘dramatic’ ….Tre should not have snitched…”

“Andrew was definitely robbed of a rose,” another fan wrote.

Viewers are hoping Andrew ends up being Katie’s final pick or the next Bachelor. Those interested can see how far Andrew goes here.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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