The Bachelorette: Who is in Katie’s top 4 and why Reality Steve was wrong about his initial prediction

Katie and Michael Allio film for The Bachelorette
Bachelorette viewers may be surprised by who is in Katie Thurston’s final four and who gets to go on hometown dates. Pic credit: ABC

Reality Steve revealed that he made yet another miscalculation about which men make it to the top four on Katie’s season of The Bachelorette.

Reality Steve explained that due to COVID-19 regulations in regard to filming, it’s hard for him to get his hands on spoilers, and his accuracy has suffered because of it.

This week’s episode started out with Greg, Blake, Michael A., Michael P., Andrew, Brendan and Justin.

Reality Steve shared that the new top four will be Greg Grippo, Blake Moynes, Justin Glaze and now, fan-favorite Michael Allio.

Why Reality Steve was wrong about Michael A.

He initially predicted that Michael would leave before the final four and therefore, hometown dates.

Reality Steve documented on his blog, “Back on May 13th, I wrote this regarding Michael A. leaving the show: ‘I don’t know any of the exact details regarding his departure, I just know either Katie sends him home to be with his son or he wants to leave because of it. I believe he makes it to the episode before hometowns.’ So half of that is right. Michael does self-eliminate, but not until next week.”

This means Michael stays long enough to be a part of the final four but that doesn’t mean he will partake in the hometown dates.

Initially, Reality Steve thought that Andrew Spencer was in the top four opposed to Michael.

“Basically, I had Andrew and Michael A. flip flopped. Andrew finished 5th with Michael finishing 4th,” Reality Steve wrote. “[Michael A.] finishes 4th, BUT, his family doesn’t meet Katie. At the beginning of next weeks episode, we’ll see Michael self eliminate because of his son, and Katie never meets his family.”

Reality Steve was wrong about the top four before

This isn’t the first time Reality Steve goofed on predictions for this season of The Bachelorette.

He predicted that Greg and Blake would be in the top four from the start, even before it was officially revealed that Blake joined the season in the middle of filming.

However, he at first said John Hersey would be in the top four. However, John didn’t make it past the top eight. Reality Steve changed his prediction just in time for John’s elimination.

At the time, Reality Steve left the prediction for the fourth spot empty.

After backtracking on John, Reality Steve declared that Andrew and Justin would join Greg and Blake in the top four.

Now that the true final four has been confirmed, Bachelorette fans can begin placing bets on who gets Katie’s final rose– if anyone does.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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