Chelsea Vaughn from Matt James season of The Bachelor has her eyes on Andrew Spencer

Chelsea Vaughn smiles while looking at photos
Chelsea likes what she’s seeing from Andrew S. Pic credit: ABC

Andrew S captured even more hearts than just Katie Thurston.

Fans fell hard for Andrew and his charm more and more each episode, and former Bachelor contestant, Chelsea Vaughn, revealed she’s fallen smitten by Andrew too. 

The stunning model spoke up when responding to a Bachelor Nation member’s tweet. 

Chelsea is ready to walk down the aisle with Andrew S

After Andrew S had his one-on-one with Katie on the most recent Bachelorette episode, fans rushed to social media to declare their love for Andrew. 

One person tweeted with the caption, “If Katie doesn’t want Andrew S I’m fully prepared to walk down the aisle.”

This included a photo of Demi Lovato in a white veil and wedding dress, suggesting she’s ready for Andrew S if he doesn’t end up engaged at the end of the season. 

Chelsea retweeted that and commented, “My legs are longer, I’ll walk faster,” with a bride emoji. 

Chelsea’s bold tweet lets people know she’s feeling Andrew S and wants to be first in line if Andrew ends up single at the end of this season. 

Chelsea and Andrew S have both been outspoken about race 

The Bachelor franchise has been encouraged to improve concerning diversity and inclusivity, not just by casting different ethnicities but by allowing people of different backgrounds to speak on their identities and experiences on the air. 

Andrew S and Chelsea seem to have some things in common considering they both spoke about their experiences as Black people in their respective seasons. 

Chelsea had a vulnerable discussion with Matt James about her hair journey and the discrimination Black women often face over their natural hair.

She shared how it took courage to embrace her short hair and love her natural features. 

Andrew S also recently spoke with Katie about the realities of a Black man dating a white woman and fans appreciated Andrew discussing interracial dating candidly

After having a hurtful experience in his past, where a white ex-girlfriend didn’t like the idea of having biracial children, Andrew felt it important to open up to Katie about how she felt about raising biracial kids. 

So far Andrew S is looking like a front runner on Katie’s season but, if things go left, he might find a second chance at love with Chelsea. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC 

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