Kathryn Dunn from BB21 pretends to release Big Brother spoilers, hilarity ensues

Kat Dunn On BB21
Kathryn Dunn from Big Brother 21 may have been an underrated cast member. Pic credit: CBS

Kathryn Dunn was a part of the BB21 cast during the summer of 2019. Now, she is pretending to provide Big Brother spoilers about the BB23 cast, which is slated to begin playing their season this week.

To provide some background on what is taking place, a Twitter account that goes by SpoilerGirl1 routinely posts information online that she claims are secrets from the show. The potential spoilers tend to rile up fans of the show, especially when they turn out to be true.

The SpoilerGirl1 account has drawn a bit of negative attention this preseason with some information that turned out not to be correct. She gave reasons for getting it wrong, but quite a few people have started making jokes about preseason predictions and now Kat Dunn is in on it as well.

It’s also moments like these where we come to realize that Kat was gold as a houseguest and that we may have missed out on enjoying her more on the show due to the showmances with Jackson Michie and Nick Maccarone that took center stage instead.

Kat Dunn pretends to be SpoilerGirl1

“FYI the plan is still for jury to start after 5 people are evicted. #bb23,” Kat posted on Twitter as a joke about how this is something that takes place every year.

Later, Kat posted, “The first competition of the season will be the human knot #bb23.”

And after that, she wrote, “Heard a possible twist that was discussed by production. Only discussed but not guaranteed #bb23.”

Kat Dunn BB23 jokes
Kat Dunn having fun on social media. Pic credit: @itskathryndunn/Twitter

Earlier, Kat had posted a series of tweets that were claimed to be spoilers, but all of which contained basic and already confirmed information about the show. She was having some fun by pretending they were spoilers, all while sharing some information that CBS has already announced.

Kat Dunn tweets
Kat Dunn revealing Big Brother spoilers. Pic credit: @itskathrynDunn/Twitter

Through the entire process of making these tweets, Kat had changed the image and visible name of her account to that of SpoilerGirl1. It ended up dupping people who didn’t look at the address for her account, which is very clearly @itskathryndunn on Twitter.

It will be interesting to see if she continues doing this because the most humorous part of it may have been some of the people who have thought she really is SpoilerGirl1 through all of these interactions. Others made it even more fun by playing along with what Kat was doing.

Big Brother 23 ready to go on CBS

The season premiere for Big Brother 23 arrives on Wednesday, July 7. We fully expect to hear more from Kat on social media as they start playing the game. She is a huge fan of the show and often posts about it online, so we definitely expect her to share her thoughts this season.

Last season, Kat accused Nicole Franzel and Daniele Donato of bullying Nicole Anthony early in the season.

Kat also posted when members of the BB22 cast were making fun of Ian Terry.

Hopefully, with all of the new Big Brother casting policies at CBS, we will see a shift this summer and we won’t have to worry about witnessing anything like that again.

Big Brother 23 debuts July 7 on CBS.

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